William Albert Audrey

William Albert Audrey, or other last name such as Andrew or Ardlay is the key character in Candy Candy manga. He was the first character in manga whom I read, and I fell in love with him. He is a dream prince for me. Lucky me at least my prince charming is not like ordinary prince who riding the white horse hahaha. Albert is a free will man, kind hearted, love animals, caring, sweet, and the plus side, he is very very handsome :)

Candy Candy is a story written by Kyoko Mizuki (Keiko Nagita) and the illustration drew by Yumiko Igarashi. First written as a novel, made as manga, then animation. Too bad, there's a conflict between the author and the illustrator so that Candy Candy is out of print. You only can read manga or watch the anime in the last edition. Lucky me, I've collected all 8 from 9 Candy series. Still looking for the number 2. I've missed that number :( I think I will not write a lot about Candy stories here. Because what I want to write right now is about my prince charming William Albert Audrey HAHAHA.

Albert met Candy firstly when Candy was 3 years old, at the the Pony Hill.  After that, they both met again in forest near Lakewood where Candy run away from child abuse at her 'foster' parents. Albert helped Candy who almost drown in the lake. He later became Candy foster parent but nobody know the truth until the end of the story. Moreover Albert always appears in the right time and the right place when Candy needed help. He is a gentleman and will make us the reader feel deep sympathy for him hihihi. End of Candy story shows us that Candy and Albert seems will have a furthermore relationship, not as a foster parent and foster child anymore. The story is ended by the fact that Albert is Candy's first love, and I do support that :)) I think no other men will be suitable for Candy, who can accept her and her life sorrow as much as Albert does.

The writer is ended the story just like that without other explanation. That's why the readers such as me, are very curious to know how the story really end. What is Mizuki real idea about the ending. Too bad because of the authority problems, Mizuki is not in a very good mood for writing anymore about Candy :( She wants to get over that. And we all the fans who also suffering here. Thanks to you Irigashi!!! Some fans then, try to make their own fan fiction about Candy. Too bad not many people support Candy-Albert relationship :((
A lot more who support Candy-Terry relationship, even though the manga said that Candy-Terry relationship is ended. Another brokenhearted fan fiction stories even make Albert-Eleonor (Terry's mom) relationship. How could you!!! The other try to make Albert meets other mate which is very similar to Candy's character. I think this one is more appropriate than Albert-Eleonor relationship!!

I read a lot of Candy fan fictions, especially the stories which tell about Albert-Candy hahahaha. But it only in the little amount. Also information about Albert in manga is not very detailed because he is a mysterious man in the manga itself. I had a pretty hard information searching to find more about Albert and his pictures. It looks like the fans in Spain and Japan who made a pretty good writing about Albert and more history about Audrey family. Thanks to Google Translate that help me to understand the information basically. You can check here to know more about Albert.


Name: William Albert Audrey / William Albert Andrew/ William Albert Ardlay
Date of birth: June 28, 1890
Hair Color: golden yellow
Eye color: blue sapphire
Height: 1.85 cm
Weight: 75 kg.
Figure: athletic.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

It has chosen the year of birth, depending on the age of majority (21 years in the U.S.) required for the character might take to Candy, who was 13 at the time of adoption: 1911. So Albert and Candy should be a minimum of eight years. That understanding that adoption is after June 28, 1911. Candy identity data provided by Mizuki in 1977 for the magazine Nakayoshi.


Albert is the heir to the clan Audrey, unique from all branches of the family, which bears the name. He is responsible for the management and conservation of all heritage of Audrey, as well as assume the leadership of the house, until then held by Elroy. In manga, Albert right hand for Audrey business is George, and their sudden disappearance, probably due to a business, others by the desire to travel.

He is a man of independent character. He loves nature, animals, freedom in general and humans in particular.
It is peaceful, courageous, honest and a person of unimpeachable morals. Quite far from the stereotype of a gentleman conservative early twentieth century, a liberal man today, the champion of equality between men and women, environmentalist, but undeniably romantic and chivalrous. His parents died in unspecified circumstances, and the only person close to him of a certain age is Elroy, petty woman, ambitious, and a moral full of prejudice. All this makes us think that education is falling out of love and its future liability, which leads him to fill the emotional gaps through his love of wildlife.

Anyway, the funny thing is some fans have a pretty wild imagination. We hope that someday Candy Candy can be filmed. And the nomination for Albert cast are : Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant hahaha :)) Like that very much!!

Just for fun, here are some other fans imagination:

Drew Barrymore as Candy

Tom Welling as Anthony

Anne Hathaway as Annie

Ashton Kucher as Archie

Daniel Ratcliffe as Stea

Nicole Kidman as Eleonor

Nice right?? hihihihi Anyway, here are some interesting links whom you can try to read on about Albert:

Happy reading :)))


gypsyholic said...

I love Candy-candy, really miss the shows. :(

Friska Simanjuntak said...

hei, me too. And the bad news is, there will be no more candy candy on television because the copyright problem..

It's too bad

Pioggia said...

Hey, Im also a fan of Albert!

Yin Yin said...

I am also a big fan of Candy and Albert and very happy to have found this page!

ratnee said...

me too, I hope Candy and Albert will be a happy couple forever

Anonymous said...

Albert is cancer? That sign sucks and anyway it's not fun giving fictional characters an exact birthday...

Friska Simanjuntak said...

Hi all,

Glad this writing could help. I just post another one here : http://friskanotes.blogspot.com/2013/04/moreover-about-albert-audrey.html

Anonymous said...

I've been fan of Candy Candy since the 1980's but I wasn't able to see the full episodes (nor read the full manga) until recently. Too bad to live in a minor country with language that has only a few millions speakers! I'm happy that for some reason 30 randomly selected episodes were published as VHS here. Otherwise I would have missed this great series.

I'm also Candy x Albert fan to the core! It's perfect match. Thank you for sharing your information here with the gorgeous artwork!

Friska Simanjuntak said...

Glad to find another supporter for Candy and Albert! Grateful this writing may help :)

Anonymous said...

I think Albert should be with Candy. I hope they end up together. Albert is my dream man too. The two are made for one another. I really love them both.

Learn Chinese Online said...

I am a big fan of Albert and Candy. I almost had a mental breakdown when they ended the story just like that without clear explanations what happens next :) Lucky there are many fans in the web who write so much about them and even write the continuation of what's next. Thank you! How I would be without you. I love them being together. Albert is just so good to be true. Candy deserves so much to be with such a loving man.

Ripley said...

I would like to nominate Josh Groban for Albert role. He looks so kind and warm. Brad is quite too hot.

Anonymous said...

Albert is Candy's adopted father and legally would never be allowed a romantic relationship with her. They care about each other very much but it was always Terence who made Candy's heart beat fast and made her breathless. Does one forget love like that? Are 10 years really that long? I think Candy would have been there for Terence at the drop of a hat if Susanne Marlow was out of the picture. Candy never forgets, even Anthony after all these years and she loves Terence more.

Also have some faith in true love...

"Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alter when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:-
Oh no! it is an ever fixed mark
That looks on tempests, and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, those rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out ev'n to the edge of doom:-
If this be error, and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved."
William Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

Just read the CCFS carefully again and you will discover things that will really shock u. Sorry, but Albert is the 'anohito':
1. When Candy went to 'Blue River Zoo', her heart beat fast when she hear Albert's voice.
2. Candy asked twice to make herself anulated from beeing adoptive daughter. Well, Albert, be prepare to fulfill her wish if she ask you later for the 3rd time! Why? To make her as your wife!
3. Albert made confession with his accion of giving his brooch to Candy (it's a Japanese culture to make a confession of love, and don't forget that the autor is a Japanese one!).
4. Albert is the prince on the Pony hill (not the Pony false hill. The name 'prince on the Ponny hill was given by Candy for Albert not because he was some one of duke's son that many of Terryfan is thinking). Candy also confessed in manga that her first love was the prince of the Pony hill.
5.Albert said to Candy that he prefered her looked little older than others thinking her as his little sister.
6. Candy returned her Diary which means 'Please accept me even you know my whole story'.
7. Candy is rising a rose without a name by her self (as I know, Albert grew wild roses in the place where Anthony died, you can find it in the 'Candy Candy' novel 1978-1979, also in the CCFS you will realized that the multicolor roses were in the place where Anthony died too! Actually, why the autor made CCFS's cover book with multicolored roses? That's not a 'Sweet Candies' roses nor daffodils. Why? That's Albert's roses! Wow!
8. Albert know very well how Candy often judged wrong a person (you can find this also in CC novel 78'-79'), even she judged wrong to Albert that made her take an action of make a distance with him and it suffered him a lot (please take a look about the 'Miami Resort Inn' inauguration and also in the letters adressed to him.
9.Albert cut the contact when he dicided to go to Africa, so he didn't know about Candy's story as a stowaway when she got back to America (the answer is also in the 'Candy Candy' novel '78-79 when she adressed her letter to Mr. Brown-sama. (take a note that the translation of Albert-san doesn't mean as a 'Mr. Albert' as many people think. This is a Japanese term of saying to others name, even to adolescent with the same ages they use that term after one's name. So why Candy didn't applied that terms to Anthony, Archie, Stear, Neil, Eliza, Terry and any other characters? Why does the autor only applied that term only to Albert when Candy called his name? This character is more close to a Japanese man's character than any others Candy Candy's characters. Again, the autor is a Japanese, so we also do have to relate things with Japanese cultures).
10. In the 'Candy Candy' novel '78-'79 Albert invited Candy to go with him in the future journey, Candy answered 'Ofcourse, please take me with you! When you start a journey. (Even if you say No, I'll follow you!)'; last letter of Candy & Albert's correspondece.


Anonymous said...

11. Candy feels gratefull to be abandoned at Pony's Home which made her meet with Albert (in both CC & CCFS are writen by the autor, and you must see the original novels for this because in the translation to other languages didn't mentioned Albert's name, I don't know why! Do you?? haha So, you must read the original novels when you are making your analisys!
12. Candy signatured in her last letter using the word 'ai'=love in both novels. The difference are in the old novel she wrote 'with all my love', in the new novel 'with love and gratitude'. Why she used that terms? Not because she refer to Albert as her family but because Albert confessed first his love to her! So, there she use the term of 'ai'. It's a confession love with a serious meaning for Japanese. And I must say that Candy only wrote 'daisuki' (I like u a lot! But also means a confession of love when a person want to iniciate a new relationship) to Terry in her diary. And unfortunately she also wrote 'Daisukishita' (I liked you) in her unsent letter to him. Ohh, I feel sorry to Terryfans! Terry sent his letter to Candy telling that 'for me nothing has changed' but when was it exactly? He never meet her again. His last meeting with her was in the end of year 1914. So, the letter which Terry sent to Candy was in June 1916. Then he became alcoholic again because there were no answer from part of Candy. He was then in Rockstown but Candy went there because of searching Albert and she wrote that in the letter adressed to Eleanor Baker. Well, maybe Terry's feeling won't be change but Candy was not a stupid girl who will look back. Please Terry, move on!
13. When Candy sunk in the waterfall, she couldn't tell to Anthony about the detail of her encounter with Albert. Even the autor couldn't tell it to us. Why? Maybe the reader would feel some disgust and the identity of Albert would be much earlier discovered. But you should know what to do to a person who sunk in the water. Albert must do the respiration from mouth to mouth to Candy. He also must change her clothes by himself. Thats why he beg a sorry to Candy about that. And it's important to that Albert recognized her as the "chibichan" (little girl) that he met 7 years ago. Well, Terry wasn't the first man who kissed Candy as many of you are thinking. Although he made that to save her life. If he didn't do that, that's would be the end of Candy's life! Anthony will still alive, no meet with Terry, and Albert also died in Chicago's hospital. What a borring story will be! Hah!
14. The invisible threads between Albert and Candy (the oriental legend). Again, because the autor is an oriental).
15. The music box made by Stear were repeared. That box were descomponed when Candy feels really alone (when Albert has gone from Magnolia apartement). Because when separated from Terry, there were Albert who consoled her. But when Albert has gone, no body could consoled her. That was for the first time Candy realized her true feeling for him. Then the box were repared again before the wedding of Archie and Anny. How do I know? Candy sent an unsent letter to Stear telling that she was happy because she has the 'Candy box music' with her. And that moment when she wrote the letter, Albert was near her asking to talk with him about Stear but Candy prefered to write a letter to Stear. Oh yes, Candy feels very happy when she wrote that letter.


Anonymous said...

16. The jewel box from generation to generation. This doesn't mean that Albert didn't have any ancestors! How could many Terryfans say that? Ardlay acestors lived in Scotland. William C. Ardlay was A NEW RICH IN AMERICA. It doesn't mean that their ancestors were poor. Ardlay ancestor have villa in Scotland too! In the manga you can find in the 1st volume where Candy were searching a room for Eliza in the Ardlay's party. So many manequin of Ardlay's ancestors.
17. The shakespeare play in Candy's house. Candy did recognized the play when she recieved the costume of Romeo & Juliet from uncle WillIam! Also she recognized the the complete book plays of Shakespeare in Terry's villa. She said 'Ah, you also have the complete plays of Shakespeare!'. What does it mean?! She already saw it in another place. Exactly in the Ardlays house in Lakewood. Well? Then the French literature, all Ardlays studied that. And I admit that in St.Paul also all the students learned that. But this is much appointed to Albert, why? George is a French man. Albert named his mascot with a French word 'Poupee' (doll). I believe that Albert and George talked a lot in French.
18. The sweet voice of anohito which really suit to Albert's voice.
19. Running in to anohito's arm. It's so Albert!
20. The Slim's painting about Pony hill in the spring. Read carefully in the epilogue about the first encounter of Albert and Candy. There is the clue where Albert telling about Candy pointing her finger to the down hill. And in the CCFS vol. 1 in their 1st encounter, Candy presented her name and telling about the Pony's church. So, nothing about the good memory of an actor that many Terryfans is saying. Albert too recognized Candy when for the second time they've met in the waterfall. Oh my!
21. The frame of Slim's painting made by hand! I've never heard that Terry did handmade things in the whole story and in any version of Candy Candy story. Do you??
22. Candy's drawing of Albert is in Albert's office. Notice that Candy is telling in her present time. Hmm..
23. I believe there is much more that you can find by your self.

I wish you good luck! And please don't come to any others Albertfans blogs just for telling that Terry is the anohito. Share it with others Terryfans blogs.

Anonymous said...

Back again..
Well, sorry.. I know that you're not literaly telling us that Terry is the anohito. But I believe you have already read the novel because you have the courage to make a coment in this blog of an Albertfan.

Friska Simanjuntak said...

Hi there, Anonymous.. to bad you don't use real name / hyperlink. Thank you so much for sharing your analysis about Candy Candy Story :) We have common interest in Albert-side hahaha. Interesting to read your number 13-point, sure it had to be like in your description. But perhaps they censored it since the manga is intended for children..

May we met our Albert in life-person soon.. That tender and gentle heart, such a rare jewel :*

tine Ajah said...

Woooww thanks for writing the albert side story.. I love it
Albert for candy.. Candy for albert.. Ending story was about beggining story for them.. I hope that candy candy story can made a film whom cast the real human.. That"ll very nice i guess :)

tine Ajah said...

Oooh the last but not least Albert is onewhole packaging man, high quality man.. Hondsome, tall and shape, the heir, rich ofcourse, good fighter, strong, athletic, environmentalist, and most of all he would do anything for candy.. So sweet..

Unknown said...

Este guey es un fan de terry..a guevo quieren que terry se quede con candy... ya ni sueñen!!

Unknown said...

Anónimo de mierda y de que signo te gustaría que fuera he? Pendejo.primero hubieras dado tu nombre y luego opinas cobarde