Raped : whose fault?

One of my friends, through Yahoo Messenger, told me that he had read news about a father who was raping his own child. He laughed in our chat at YM. First of all, I wondered why my friend was laughing at that time. I think there was no funny thing there. Thus, a very violent action, where you harm your own child, even children have none to be trusted in their life. Those make children paranoid about their own parents. I don't like bad news, like a disaster, violence, and mutilation. I always skip that parts on newspaper.

Moreover, my friend said, the raped might because of the daughter beautifulness. That turns on the father's libido. For God sake, I think there is no correlation between beautiful or not in raped case. Even, I had a sexual harassment experience, as a victim, in public transportation. FYI, I am not so woman-like for physically, I always use long trousers, big shirt, I have pimples in my face, and I have the brown skin which is not beautiful in Indonesian common thinking. And guess what?? I still had that @%%& sexual harassment in busway and train. So, it's not about someone beautifulness but it's about your own lust, and your own control on those f****** lust!!

Then my friend said, the raped is natural and in reason for raping!! He said that's why wives should have and maintain their body shape. His statement really made me mad and wanted to explode. HAHAHAHA. Again I said, "why are you always blame on women??". I asked him to think, you can't expect your wife have a good shape if you don't either. Also, did the husband give much money to wife for treatment on beauty salon? Did the husband support the wife to be smart? Let her has other education and activities, let her not only busy in household jobs, only thinking about what food we should eat today? How are the water and electric payments, etc. Did the husband want to share household job, share to work on cleaning, washing, and cooking? So that wife will have spare time to be bloomed in her life?

You should think about this deeply, practice first, before blame on somebody. Or, you can ask me if you have any question.


Melody Violine said...

well, we should fix this problem through education (pendidikan moral dan agama)

that's why, dear, i used to dress up like a boy, and i don't think i'll have any pre-marriage relationship

in case of maintaining body shape for wives, well, at least those women should avoid getting VERY FAT (you don't have to be slim, really, getting a little fat is okay indeed) in order to stay healthy

Friska Simanjuntak said...

Right melo, I also think that I will be safe in my boysih appearance, but there is no use :(( I was had that sexual harrasment in public transportation(as victim).

About the body shape, I think both wife and husband should take care their body shapes. I think, the burden is not for wives only :D

Melody Violine said...

that's right, both husband and wive should maintain their body shape, it's just i see there are more fat women than fat men