What a Boring Topic, an Inner Beauty?

A lot of people talk much about inner beauty. Unlucky, most people who’s talking about inner beauty, not very pretty. This is the fault of the past conventional thinking. Because you don't have beautiful physic, you have to accept that, and gain your other excellence, such as your inner beauty. Contrary, when you are saying and agree with this, that means, indirectly, you think that beautiful physically person don't have a good inner beauty. THOSE ALL JUST A STEREOTYPE!! the conventional way of thinking.

By my own experience, everybody has their own specialties’ (you can call it in 'inner beauty' term). It doesn't mean the beautiful ones not have inner beauty. Also not every person who’s not very pretty has a superior inner beauty. Of course someone beautifulness or not, it's only a physic, it's a cover. But most important to all people, is their own character, how someone thinking, make a decision, and chose their own way of life, and be consistent with themselves and others. And in everybody inside there are always two sides, the good side and bad side. There is no angelic person, maybe it's only the appearances and the way he/she acted. LOL!! Am I mean?? Nowadays, totally I'm suspicious to such angelic-appearances persons. I have had already bad experiences with them. And don't want to add another hurtful experiences :D

Btw 'beautiful' term I used here, valid for men and women both. And for you whose looking a mate and search for a perfect physically first, I think you should think more deeply. Never see the physical first. Neither you the one who’s looking for such priest appearance; neither who’s looking for a sexy mate. Be careful. You can't know and guess somebody well only by the appearance. You should be very careful, appearances can be deceived.

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