For me, everybody is equal. No matter what's your gender, profession, your living, your sexual interest, we are equal. As same as equal, people whose rich and people who’s poor; man and woman; heterosexual, homosexual, or transgender. All of them need respect and have same human behavior. But sometimes a person is too easy to judge other people first. People judge other by physical appearance, from the suits somebody's wearing, from the profession, etc. Don't want to know more about the character first.
Past years before, I had this judgment, most of all, to cheesy women HAHAHAHA. I mean here is the woman who wear make up a lot, not in appropriate time and place. I think that they are stupid and only know about makeup, beautifulness, and boys’ gossip. What a shallow me!! As time goes by, I meet a lot beautiful friends (physically) and just find out that they are as smart as other people. HAHAHAHA. My apology! Even now I make good friends with them. Not only beautiful outside but also beautifully inside. HAHAHA.

Equality also is about gender, about man and woman. Yes, man and woman are equal in human right, profession, and ability. It depends on him and her, the ability and willing to develop him/herself. So, please never judge anyone too soon, just because someone is man or woman. This is usually happened to me. Like now, I'm in a project, which’s the institution, feel uncomfortable to work with women!! OMG!! What's wrong with women?? At first I want to resign because their vision and my vision about equality is totally different. But, again I'm thinking that I have to be professional. Working professionally and let them be the one who’s unprofessional. HAHAHA. Worse thing is not only men whose have a traditional thinking about women, but women also thinking traditionally about her. Keeping saying that crying and moody is women behavior. Please girls!!! Grew up!! It's not a excuse for you to cry. And it makes me sick to hear some desperate and pessimistic words/thinking about yourself, girl especially because you are thinking traditionally. We are valuable women, as valuable as men also.

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