Be Humble Please

Humble, or maybe you can call it humility (notice: not a humiliation HAHAHA) is a good trait which I like the most. Thanks God, I can use my extraverted sensing to recognize basic character of people. And somehow, I discover this humble traits or opposite, the snobbish. Sorry to say, sometimes I meet a good person in knowledge, easy to talk with, and have broad knowledge but he is a snob. Actually my principles in friendship are: I want to make friends with everyone and respect each others. Even though someone has a bad trait or being different from common people, it's not a big deal for me. As long as we haven't any problem where you destroy my trust, we are friends. Special case is different for the snobbish. Umm, actually I'm pretty tired to hear all your nonsense proudest. Because every proudest that you have boasted is not yours. It comes from your parents. So I think no use you show and talk boastful about that. Another type of snobbish, the one who wants to make everything so mysterious, and don't want to answer anyone question about something in her life. Awesome!! Who the hell are you? Do you think you are a celebrity whom I’m running for news? Sorry sis, it just because my curiosity. If you don't want to share it with me, just tell me. I don't need your fake smile and a confirmation by your best friend (maybe she thinks that her best friend is her assistant).

It's up you if you want to boastful about anything. But do you know that your proudest creates a bore conversation?? It will be a really bore conversation for me. Because I'll not ask you more (it's enough for me hearing your nonsense talking) and I'll keep quiet. HAHAHAHA. You should be suspicious if you are seeing me quite. Except of the situation (in formal situation), that means that I'm not comfortable enough in the situation. And there are a lot of reasons about my uncomfortable. For instance: I meet somebody who’s I don't like or whom I have problem with his/her before. I think there is nothing wrong to be humble. Please do anything in your life as sincerely as possible. So those proudest feeling never come out and spreading, and make other annoyed. Be humble please. Let other see your own achievements, by seeing itself, by knowing itself indirectly, and it will make your name bigger without you realize. Let God the one who really judge your achievements not humans. It will make you cheerful to do anything in your life as a openhearted person and let God see those, blessed you.

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