Honai Sirbe is going independent

From left to right : Ibu Peri, Santi, Pamela, Ucil, Faiz
Dear readers, after those hardships I learn that commitment is a precious thing. Been working voluntary to build this dream, Honai Sirbe for months and I now realize not everybody is capable to work on their dream faithfully and in commitment.

I made that name "Honai Sirbe" and I drew Honai Sirbe logo. I share that idea and dream with 1000 Guru Papua since I thought we could have commitment to build this dream together. Unfortunately, time answers this, they do not. I have to made decision, this is enough. I leave that Taman Baca / Library in SP 3 on 1000 Guru Papua, let them have all those donation and assets we've worked on-under new Taman Baca / Library name, whatever new name they may decide.

I am going to restart Honai Sirbe in positive genuine spirit, with people who could treasure it at heart and have commitment to work voluntary for educating and inspiring children in Honai Sirbe. People who want to think about our legacy for Papua, Indonesia, to build spirit in fun learning for children, to make sure Honai Sirbe is a long-lasting not temporary community. Looking for new place to build Honai Sirbe :D

Would update you with good news after.

PS.That picture above is my late documentation with the last warriors yet beautiful-sweet-full of commitment soul in Honai Sirbe in SP 3 (was). Thank you Faiz, Ucil, Santi (Yani & Susi-anyway they're not in picture) for standing together through those hardship.

PSS. May God bless this dream, to restart Honai Sirbe with beautiful souls as The Dream Team.. AMEN..

Timika, 6 May 2018

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