The Vision

What had happened in your time traveling on the road? Had it changed your life, point of view you seeing the world? Somehow for me, I got enlightment!

My first enlightment was in Dieng, 2011, where I am addicted to no fixed plan traveling, did hitchhiking, and be flexible on the road. The second one, 2013, was in my 55 days traveling in China. I learned how people can spread kindness sincerely and how I can ever beat it? I was ashamed in my way of life so that I make promise with myself to help people who need help. Especially when I am capable to help them. Moreover, I fallen in love with rural area and how community live in the village. How people could live in serene, humble, kind, and helping each other. The third enlightment, 2015, was little bit different. I went to China with one of the purpose was looking for my vision in life.

I found the answer when I was on the train in China; the vision seems to be : I have to work in rural area. What kind of working, where should I work, what should I do to reach the vision? Those are other questions I have to look for the answer. After coming home from the journey, I spent time thinking about what should I do or where should I begin it especially in Timika. 

I met many people and discuss it with several people in these 6 months. Some of the notable people are :
  1. My friend's mother, Mamanya Ibu Sapta. She told me I should work in group and can't depend on myself only. I need people to talk and share with this vision.
  2. My CS friends, Reza Pahlevi, who build social community action in Medan. He shared his experience to build a social community action and it still survived after 5 years running
  3. Satu Cahaya Langit, who reminded me to contact Buku untuk Papua. But at this moment Buku untuk Papua in Timika are hibernating.
  4. Joined with 1000 Guru Papua where I met many young people who care for education in Papua, Timika and to begin the vision.
  5. Bataknese lady, who is a church activist. My conversation with her remind me to make decision about place where I should begin this vision. And an affirmation from her that is normal to think and working independently without church denominations, etc.
  6. Yunia, or Yunex one of my students. I went to her family church and found that they have limited resources in the church and the sunday school. Such an inspiration :)
  7. Arnold, one of my students. I accompanied him to the church yesterday and surprised to watch a performance which reminded me about how happy I used to in my sunday school. 
  8. Kak Ester, who introduce me with Dapur Kasih-GBI Rock Timika Program. I am blessed to get involved in the program since I am not their church member
There were so many coincidences and events that leads me to today's decision : it's time for me to begin it! Tomorrow would be the day! Hopefully God will help me and lead people with similar vision to come and work together with us.

Timika, 31 August 2015

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