Standard Chartered Half Marathon & 10 K Run for Sight November 7th 2010

# 2 Standard Chartered Half Marathon & 10 K Run

Standard Chartered Half Marathon is an annual race and usually held in Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta. I run in Standard Chartered Half Marathon & 10 K Run for Sight November 7th 2010. This was my second "official" race after Nike 2009. SCHM provided 2 categories: Half Marathon Run 21 km or 10 km. As a beginner runner, I registered in 10 km category. Unfortunately 10 km runners didn't get any medals in 2010 period. Those were only given to Half Marathon Run finisher.

I transferred amount of money and sent the receipt by e-mail. I got confirmation e-mail and still did run practicing for preparation for around 3 weeks. On November 7th 2010, I managed my time to arrive early morning at Ragunan Zoo at 5 am and race would started around 6.30 am. Run in a zoo should be a really amusing experience if it were hold in a better zoo than Ragunan :(

I couldn't see the animals, the runway and the view are so so. If you imagine something new and unique while running in a zoo, you'll be very dissapointed. I hope the committe could pick another interesting runway, such as Bundaran Hotel Indonesia or Taman Safari Indonesia (Cisarua). They could prepare a shuttle bus to escort us runner to the runway hehehe.

Back into our topic, 2010 SCHM was my first running experience without knowing other runners. In Nike 2009, I run with my campus friends but for this time, no one wanted to join. I think, so what? I didn't care hahahaha. So, on my arrival at Ragunan Zoo for 2012 SCHM, I came inside, put my bag, and re-registrate, asked for my bib number to the commitee. Bib number is your a time chip and running participant unique number. Put bib number on your chest and make sure it's not reversed or folded. You may remove bib number after you've reached the finish line.

21 km runners would run first and 10 km after. Usually there is 30-60 minutes start time range between those categories. 6.30 am was near and I ready to begin my run. Tips for you photo-posed narcissist, stand by near the start line earlier since it will enhance your chance to get shoot at the start line forefront. HAHAHAHA. For a small running competition you could do this but for a bigger competition, frontline is very 'expensive'. Runners would get selected by their previous running achievements. It sure is a prestigious positition.

I finished my run, ate banana and drank Pocar* Sweat. I stayed a while to see the winners bestowal and took few pictures. I went home and kept thinking why Ragunan Zoo was so lousy. Better than say (was) it should be (is), don't you think so? What a pity!

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 Enjoy your run :)

Surabaya, February 16th 2013.

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