Nowadays caveman said "Staying in kitchen is a women nature" and I said WTF!!

Working in library will lead me to a lot and different type of people. And today, I just meet one caveman that still alive in Jakarta although he is work in this modern circumstance. He said that he met his wife in college, in the same major. And why women get education into college? It's because they are looking for husband in the college. WTF!!!!!!!!

He said that the women's parent got women (their daughter) into college so that she able to get qualified husband. It means husband who is wealthy and able to support their life both. In reason women's place and nature is the kitchen so women belong in kitchen. WTF!!!!!!

It's one of the biggest humiliation I ever heard in my life, right in front of my face! I tried to tell him that it's not true that women get into college for husband. For example, myself. In my whole life, never pass that kind of imagination into my head. I believe that I go to college for myself, for my benefits, for my future life so I am able to live well. I said that to him. But when he said more ridicilous thing about women belong in the kitchen, I lost my mind. I was so angry and that's why I tried so hard to remain my lips silent. One word from me will lead a quarrel because that caveman is not even want to see or hear about other people opinion.

Whereas, I wanted to yell at him and said do you think Eve was born in the kitchen?? So why do you think women place is in the kitchen???? If it's happened in your wife case just be it! It's your wife life and decision. But it's not all women life. I take a pity on that caveman that he has a very shallow sight and tought about life and women. Shame on him!

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