A Gift or a Curse?

I do believe that every human have gifts from God and maybe one of the gifts is the ability to see future or the past or something else. I'm not interested to have this kind of ability since I prefer to have a peaceful life hahaha.

However, I have a hunch to know if someone is sincere or not. I learn it from greetings a lot kind of people, have a tough life, and already backstabbed by people who called themselves as my friends. Those are experiences that make me sensitive to others. Too bad, my sensitiveness grows over emotional everytime I face problems and sadness.

Problems will stick on my head, I'll be dizzy, I can't consentrate, and my mood will be ruined out for day.
Sadness will ruined out my mood, I'll stuck in sadness for days and I'll look for distractions trying to forget it.

It seems like a common symptoms for those problems or sadness. But it feels hurt me a lot and makes me lose my appetite. It ruins my days, my mind will not stop thinking about that for hours and it drives me crazy. This mood changes within too much gap. Hopelessly, sometimes I feel it can't helped. I'm questioned myself, "Am I crazy?". People who are crazy usually never realize that they are crazy rite? So am I? or Will I?


iedo radityo said...

I love your posts too, Frida! You definitely have great english skill and librarian is one of my dream jobs ;D

Friska Simanjuntak said...

hi, thanks Iedo. Keep on writing ya..