Long Time No See

Hi world, long time no see you :)

Lately, I was in a very bad mood, still in my troubles and stressful mode on. One by one my problems are solved and lucky me, I can solve it without make other people fussed over :) yeah at least I guess so hihihi.

Anyway, I still have one big problem where I MUST solve it in no matter of time!! It's my theses or in bahasa Indonesia called as SKRIPSI!! A lot problems come throughout my theses, from the research objects, my lecture who guide my theses and my own psychological problems whom I can't face her by my own. Damn it!! Even though begins a new theses subject is very hard, continue my last subject with that lecture is the worst!!!

Thanks God who answer my pray. Before I thought have I ask my friend who able to see the future to make a decision about my theses subject, should I continue the last or just make a new subject. But deep down in myself, shame on me if I ask such that thing to my friend. It sounds like I depend myself to someone not to God. So in my pray I said, "God please help me decide which one should I choose. I don't want to make you disappointed by asking my friend. I want your help by your blessing. Shame on me if I still asked my superstitious friend." And God answers my pray. I have a chance to do an internship in Komisi Nasional XXX. It's in the library and I think this is the chance for me to find a new subject for my theses and research object at once. I will work from this monday hopefully everything gonna be allright (sounds like a song rite?) hihihi. Wish me always for the best :)

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