Have Fun at Work

Before, I have made a post in my multiply blog about my so so life. Because of my theses, I always get scared and not brave enough to face anything new opportunities. I rejected to apply job offers, to take an internship, or to have fun travelling for days. But I still can't take it if I have to face only theses for one term. I thought it will feel like hell if I'm only come outside from house only for research and consultation with lecture. So that I took a Spanish language class at my campus. It's pretty easy and the lecture was great at teaching. I've taken Spanish language class for 2 terms already. Even in my last term I also took a free Portuguese language class in their embassy at Menteng. It was free, and became a reunion with my old friend Syenni also I met new interesting classmates there. Other good point is I became familiar with Menteng area and the roads so that it's pretty easy for me to come home from my work today. I even use the shortcut way HAHAHA.

I admit, took 2 language classes which taken most of my time in a week was very wasteful. I don't have much time for theses. Now, I don't take any classes and even get brave enough to apply some job/internship application. My first application in a flight company was rejected. But last week I got offered for a job-a flexible one in a national commission nearby Manggarai area. The work situation is GREAT, SUPER, very very very friendly, I get lunch there, the time is flexible (minimum 3 workdays in a week), and the payment is pretty good hihihi :)

Surprised to myself, I work very diligent. I'm able to get work on time (before I frequently come late at class),  work hard from 9am to 12pm, and continue work again from 1pm to 4 pm. It's fascinating. I don't feel tired even I feel energetic and want to finish my job as soon as possible. Because I realize as soon I finish my job, I can concentrate again on my theses on 100% concentration. One more thing, the food is delicious, and I can eat rice as much as I can hihihi. So I can say, nutrition is guaranteed there, if I need a cup of tea or coffee I'm free to make one for myself. This is my day 3 at work, but I have to come to work again tomorrow because there will be an online catalog training in office. Still I'm happy and enjoy it a lot. Praise the God :))

"Ecclesiastes 3: 3 He has made everything right in its time; but he has made their hearts without knowledge, so that man is unable to see the works of God, from the first to the last."

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