When the World and the 'Common' People are Different from You

When the world and the 'common' people are different from you...
Recently I had some conversations with friends. From usual chit chat it became a deeper conversation and confession to our secrets HAHAHAHA..
From our conversation and listen about other stories, I know that the world today and the 'common' people are very different from myself, my point of view about life. Lets talk first about beautifulness. Like I've written before in my post that appearance can deceiving, but the world today and 'common' people still do that.
  1. My friend said, he was ask someone to be his girl friend, even though he didn't know much about her. He only interested (firstly) because of her 'beautifulness'. I said it 'beautiful' because I didn't think so, and I know already who is she, how is her behavior, and her dark side.
  2. In some vacancies, appearance is still valuated, even though it's a back desk job
  3. There are some men behavior where they are only want to be near beautiful women and prefer to talk with them than to talk with the average appearance women
  4. And of course beautiful women always easier to be remembered than the average appearance women.
I'm so sorry if my writing today sounds very cynical. But hey, that's what happened in our world today and what are 'common' people value in their life. It's different with me. I always appreciate people from what they are said, think, and behave in their life. So, I always think there's no problem with your appearance, the most important thing is your personality. Because I believe personality is something that shows who you are and it can't change easily. Your personality will stay with you forever. 

Very different with physical beautiful appearance. I think everybody can have a beautiful appearance, it's just they don't know how or don't have any opportunity to do that. Just buy the perfect clothes, the fit ones and do little hair do or make up and tadaa, you can be as beautiful as other beautiful persons. And beautifulness don't stay forever. Only the personality that will be remain. But once again, that's life. Then, it will your own decision..

It's okay to be beautiful or not, it's your own decision, nothing wrong with that. But please never judge or underestimate someone only by his/her physical appearance. 

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