My Passion to Travel

My passion to travel, first is travel to SouthEast Asia. Yeah, you can say it Indonesia also. But, I'm not very interested because the tourism in Indonesia is not prepare yet, and a lot of fraud happened to tourists, even to the local person itself. Poor Indonesia..

Okay then, here is my list (it's helped with low cost carrier Air Asia hahaha)

  1. Singapore, want to travel: Sentosa Island and Universal Studio
  2. Malaysia, want to travel: Petronas, Genting, Malacca, dan Selangor
  3. Thailand, want to travel: Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya. And because Chiang Mai is in the border area, maybe I can go also to Laos and Myanmar LOL!! What a dream :D
  4. Cambodia, want to travel: Angkor Wat, unfortunately there's no direct flight from Jakarta (by Air Asia), so I have to take plane from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. So, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City will be in the list hohoho
  5. Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

I also have another dream to come to other Asia region, such as : 
  1. Tibet, there's no direct plane there. Maybe I'll take the CGK-BKK, and then continue by train to Tibet
  2. India, experience Taj Mahal, and visit Shah Ruk Khan house hihihihi
  3. China, to experience Great Wall, if possible I want to travel: Hong Kong and Disneyland Hong Kong. if still possible I want to travel to Mongolia also LOL!!
  4. Taiwan, to experience the land of F4 HAHAHAHA
  5. North Korea and South Korea, both interestinggg.
  6. Japan, want to travel thereee, also experience DisneySea, the one and only :)
Hihihi a lot of dreams right?? want to go there all :) Let's see how's my life journey will go...

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