How to be a Lady - That Memorable 2016

For many times, whenever I meet an old friend from the past they ask or give compliment for the current me.. “Hey, you’ve changed..” Depends on the situation, or consider how close I am with that friend, I could answer shortly, “Yes, I’m changed” or explain the whole thing.
So here is the story…

Once upon a time, not that really long actually haha! It was on 2016 we had this New Year Family Gathering in Jogjakarta. This is our Bataknese custom in new year eve we usually sharing what’s our hope and pray together. Let’s say 2016 problem for my mother is : me.

She is worried about me because I never share any romantic stories and my appearance was tomboy and manly. Mother asked me to open my heart bla blabla. I didn’t know how to answer since I have no experience about love etc before. What I see in this evil world is unfaithful, how people see other based on appearance and physical things. We were praying together that night, including my romantic problems… OMG!

By struck of luck, on my journey to Timika when I was in Adi Sucipto Airport I found a very interesting book in Periplus. The title is “How to be a Lady”wrote by Alexandra Parsons. Why I pick up the book from the shelf? First, because the color is yellow! Haha..then the title was interesting too… and when I read the book on (while standing) I found that AHA moment!

Along my 2X something years in life, I never feel like a woman. I think woman is weak, a cry-baby creature, and that’s totally not me. I am not brave enough to say and NEVER say that I am beautiful. NEVER… But by reading the book I understand what makes you a lady is your attitude, give respect to other. I think that’s me. I’m mostly can do that.. and ever since slowly I’m learning to say I’m beautiful (confidently). More changes come along, that urgency to maintain beautiful look, aware about my appearance in public, and enjoying myself become beautiful. 

Thank you for the author the book who written the book, it’s inspired me. Just bought the book and read it. May you have such enlighment and enjoyment in reading it too.

Timika, 24 April 2018

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