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Honai Sirbe First Meet Up!

Who knows after my previous post here, now we are in team working together for this action called "HONAI SIRBE" library :D It's been 2 years since my vision discussion, I'm involved in this community action called 1000 Guru Papua (1000 Teachers of Papua). It's an independent youth organization where we work voluntary to teach children in rural area in Papua. I'm part of creative program team and we are responsible to prepare teaching materials and coordinate for our annual agenda.

So, how is the story until Honai Sirbe was born?

It's begin from our beloved President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) announcement after a meeting with library voluntary workers : there would be a free post service for sending books to community libraries all over Indonesia! A very good news for us! Please read the service' terms & and condition below (in Bahasa Indonesia) :

Let me translate it in English :
  1. Books donation free delivery service only availabe every 17th of running month
  2. A person could send books donations with max 10 kg / delivery
  3. Books donations is packaged well with name and address recipient is stated well (based on community library networking list in Kantor Pos Indonesia website)
  4. If you are confused where to send the books, Kantor Pos Indonesia would sent it to any library in their list
  5. If the amount and size of package is enormous, you may sent it from Kantor Pos Locket
  6. If you send the package from a Dropbox in a department store etc, the receipt is not given
  7. Books content inside the package is out of responsibility of Kantor Pos Indonesia   

I contacted my library studies alumni in our group and had 'hot' discussion about it! Is the service available for every library or do we have to get registered in community library networking or what? How to do the registration? One of my friend is a committee of that library networking and she gave me Kak Dayu contact, founder of Buku untuk Papua (BUP). Kak Dayu is a very informative person and he got me into their facebook networking and gave me useful tips! Thanks a bunch Kak Dayu!

I discussed the idea to our 1000 Guru Papua friends in Jayapura and would recommend this library program in Timika. ASAP, as soon as I arrive in Timika, I made appointment with our leaders in 1000 Guru Papua and discussed about this! The time came when we discussed about this program :
  1. What makes this library different from others?
    This is a free library, opens for children with priority is for them whose dropouts. We would focus on calistung-baca tulis hitung (read, write, count) & fun and inspiring learning
  2. How we can manage the schedule to teach?
    We would share the library in our 1000 Guru Papua voluntary networking, and opens chance to anyone who wants to teach (after a preparation teaching class from Creative Program Team)
  3. What is the library name?!
    Honai Sirbe! Honai means Papua house name, and Sirbe or Bersih means clean! :*
We discussed about this for couple of hours... Talking about ideas and had brainstorming, I love that! Honai Sirbe Library is a recommended program to share with others 1000 Guru Papua area in Jayapura and Biak. We shared this discussion to others in our committee 1000 Guru Papua in Timika and we had friends supported this program. Creative Program Team begins this project but would let Honai Sirbe Leader comes from volunteers of 1000 Guru Papua. Since Creative Program main task actually focus on annual agenda of 1000 Guru Papua and we would let volunteers to coordinate with us :)

We looked for volunteers who wants to join this team from End of August - September 2017, and created this Dream Team! (I got inspired by The Dream Team of Disneyland) as committee of Honai Sirbe Library. Hopefully we could have the same creative spirit, berani bermimpi, brave to have a dream creating Honai Sirbe Library! 

So, Honai Sirbe Dream Team is created. We went survey, looking for location where Honai Sirbe would stayed; and the result is Susi's place in SP3, Timika. Thank you for Susi and her father kindness to let us use their place as Honai Sirbe Libray for minimum 5 years length. May God bless you and your family, Sis :*

So, how about the funding?

1000 Guru Papua lend us first funding, and let us figure it out for other needs. So we got to think how to have funding to build and fix the Honai Sirbe building (would share the pictures in next post). We're selling cakes for donation last weeks, we had 50 pans order and delivered it on Sunday, Nov 19. The bakers are : Marlin, Yani, Susi, Nesti, Betty, Kakaknya Theo, am I counted also? :p The delivery team is : Faiz, Yogi, Hendra, Me, Theo. We are only 11 people but we could make it! Amazing!

Next steps?

  1. We looked for other opportunity in raising funding
  2. Contact tukang / builder to fix the building
  3. Having other needs either by volunteers donation or buy it, such as bookshelves, toys, pencils, crayons, color pencil, maps, globe, folding desk, puppet doll
  4. Registrant in Kantor Pos Indonesia Community Library Networking
  5. Prepare for teaching material, trains The Dream Team to be a trainer for volunteers
  6. Have a teaching training class for volunteers
  7. Prepare schedule for volunteers' teaching in Honai Sirbe
  8.  Opening of Honai Sirbe Library 
Lets see and would keep you update about this... All in God's time and work through us, to maximize our potentials.. Amen!

Timika, 20 November 2017

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