Addicted to Discussion

I am me. A mere human who was born 29 years ago. Live with my mind, pride, and prejudice alone. Have no one to share stories and live ideals... until I move to Timika.

Live in Timika I found family! Thank you Ibu Sapta for being my first friend I can have disscussion and talk with. After she is moving outside Timika, Kak Ledy become my friend. Being friends with Kak Ledy, also lead me to have quality time discuss anything!

Hours dan days spent for discussion, and I'm addicted to those session.
Problem shows up when Kak Ledy was leaving the town for holiday (almost a month) and I have no one to share stories with. I couldn't resist my mind talking and analyzing many things without discussion to someone. At that moment, beware I might be make a phone call and disturb your sleeping hahahaha.

Having discussion release my stress. Speaking bluntly dan be myself 100% in front a good friend, makes me confident about what I'm going to do next. That's why I need a friend for discussion! But how many friends could spare their time for you when they are busy with themselves. Or do you have a friend whom you can trust that much?

This role should be held by a boyfriend or husband, actually. Since I'm single, I can only playing around in that "friends" role. Mirroring on my past-me, do you realize the most active time I write blog was on my college time? It was the time I have no one to share stories with but I want to put my mind at easy. Hahahaha...

That's why lately I'm writing again in this blog, lol....

Timika, 3 July 2017

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