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Dear readers!
Long time no see since my last post here.. forgive my laziness to write and share stories with you here. Anyway, recently we just work on something interesting : a book club in Timika!

A good friend of mine, Sis Tyerza once discussed with me whether we should make a book club. Both of us love reading, and some of our friends do too... but many of us have limited access for resources. It's not difficult for me to find books or e-book (in English) in library or internet. I still have books waiting for me to read at home. Please remember I am a librarian. But how about others?

So, Sis Tyerza asked me to teach her how to read e-book and which application she should use. My apology, I postpone to do that. It's not easy to find e-book resources in Bahasa Indonesia, that's whay I kinda forget that matter. Until one day, another friend, Elia share a post about current Indonesia reading rank on my Facebook wall. The discussion grew fast and some friends push us to make a book club.

Here I am, working on a Facebook page named : Papua Suka Buku (iPsbuk)
This name is created by Sis Tyerza! Such a good name compare to my idea : Timika Membaca or Buku, Puisi, dan Cinta haha. What a romantic person I am.

The idea is to read e-book that's why our member should install several apps in Playstore first! Thank you for Google team! We are going to held first meet up this Sunday and hopefully everything would go well #thelawofattraction

Will let you know for further news... but right now, I am happy!

Timika, 31 August 2016

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