Mission Community

Dear readers,

Do you remember my last post "The Vision"? I was praying that God will help me and lead people with similar vision to come and work together with. That opportunity knocks on my door :)

We had Teachers and Staff Chapel around Sept 2015 and invited a SPECIAL priest. He is a specialized in mission and exploring rural area, just call him Mr K. Surprisingly, his preach just right into my current condition. I want to do something with my (limited) ability but don't know where to begin or do it with. After the sermon, I met him (it's something I NEVER do in my life) and ask for his good words according to my condition. He told me to hold back and staying in this Foundation to support my plan. Since, I couldn't do my plan alone, without money support (read : my salary) from the Foundation.

I cancelled my resignation then. Hahahaha.

Moreover, several of my friends were interested to have further discussion with Priest K. He managed to gather us and asked what was / is our dream? Notice this past tense : was. Sometimes, some of us buried our dream when we feel couldn't do it at all. By time passed by, slowly we could forget our dream. Priest K asked us to dig into our dream once again, shared that dream together, so we could help each other to make that dream happen.

Voila, here we are now : The Mission Community :)

Even though each of us has different dream, but I feel I found an oasis where I can take a break from unimportant-political-hypocrite-working stuff. I'm delighted to know that we gather together not only to fulfilled our dreams but also to do something good for people. I believe it's God's will to let us gather in this community and I never know what is God plans next?

Is this community could stay together for long?
Is this community have pure-heart member? or just other hypocrites?
Could we trust each other in this Mission Community?
Could we really do something, step forward to each our dream?

Or is this just another way God's provide to teach me how to build a community and to make "The Vision" fulfilled?

Tomorrow is mystery.

I pray that God will lead my way, help me to have best decision throughout problems I'm faced, and do action according to God's will. Thy will be done :)

Timika, 16 December 2015

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