A librarian who teach

 A librarian who teach, that's me.

When I was in primary school, I hated my homeroom teacher and that makes me hate teacher as a profession. When somebody's asking what is your goal in the future? Be a teacher is never be an option for me or pops out in my mind. Fate or lets say by Jesus' will I become a teacher somehow at this moment.  My school curricula is terrific. We have competent teachers for every subject even for a library session. The principle asked me to teach in the library session from grade 1 - 6. I was surprised and at the beginning little bit felt overwhelmed. Since I had to work in the library and taught student in the classroom.

By the time, I enjoyed it! Never expect it but yes, I truly enjoy it! 

The curricula for library session is arranged by me and approved by the principle. The classroom activity is not only reading books but also filled with other literary acitivities. What I mean with other literary activities, such as : storytelling, knowing book author, book title, profession in publishing (author/editor/translator/illustrator), how to publish a book, book appreciation, watch based on book-movie, knowing information resources (library, book, magazine, newspaper, maps, internet). All these activities are my favorite, and I am really enjoy to share this knowledge to the students.

So lets say right now, I love what I do! Thank you Lord Jesus for this rare, fascinating, amazing grace You sent me to Timika. I am really grateful :')

Timika, 29 April 2015

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