Who am I?

This bittersweet life teaches me never to judge other people based on their appearance and other title follows (education, wealthy, and noble blood/family origin, religion, etc). What really matter is a person character. I always try to treat other people respectfully. I avoid to ask someone’s education degree and wealthy at informal circumstance. Better for me to value other people based on what they say, how they react to problem, and can I trust him or her?
Vice versa, I rarely share about my background (education, wealthy, and noble blood/family origin, religion, etc) to others, except someone’s asking first. I want people to respect me based on what I say, how I react to problem and how far someone can trust me. It’s me.
How about this world and these common people? I made similar post in http://friskanotes.blogspot.com/2010/07/defeated-by-world.html You can read it.
For many times, I see discrimination happen to the minority. Minority is not only talking about religion but also unique individual who stands out as themselves. Brave enough to be themselves without worry about others perception. Let me share my case:
I am a female, 25’s, with boyish look, don’t use make up, do not dress up even though when I have to go to the church,  don’t brag out about what I’ve seen and did.
How common people see and treat me: I am not important.
Is it a big deal for me? Not really.
I feel blessed!
I know people true color and I know whom I can trust or not, who treat other respectfully.

Timika, 13 August 2014

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