How is Timika?

I am in Timika and working as a librarian at a boarding school since this November. Before leaving Jakarta, my boss shared stories about our students behavior and school condition.He told me many challenges to be faced in our school just days before my departure. Later on, I think perhaps he said the ugly truth earlier because he wanted to make sure whether I'm ready for this or not.

I'm willing to go to Timika and work as a librarian, consciously because :
  1. I really want to explore Timika and Papua 
  2. I love children
I'm not worried about safety where people said many got killed in Papua or about local people whose seemed very scary. People said Timika/Papua just like a wild forest where there are still many snakes or reptiles around. You could be lost in the forest or got bitten, etc. And how about malaria?

This situation is similar with the condition when I decided to move and work in Surabaya. Many people shared their negative thought about my plan to work there. Still at the end I choose Surabaya. Until now, I never regret my decision leaving my unhappy permanent job in Jakarta. I'm grateful for everything and praise the Lord giving me such courage. To be brave enough to take a decision where other people maybe don't understand at all.

So, I am ready 100% to work in Timika and leaving Jakarta at 5 November 2013 in a long flight hours. After I'm arriving in Timika, it's much better than what I've expected. This place have electricity, internet connection, malls, stores, fast food chains, even the Church is have similar sound system quality and facilites with mine in Jakarta. 

How about the school? It's civilized, we have classrooms, computer laboratory, a humble library, a very wide field for kids playing and still building several improvement for the boarding house and the school. Aside from the facilities, we also have another challenge to work on. Some teachers shared stories about how they got through the tough transition time from the previous foundation to ours. It sounds scary : fire and breaking windows with rocks. What the children need is love and caring from us. That comes first! In my point of view it is more important from the education.

I'll share more stories later on about Papua children need for love. Meanwhile, I am glad I am here and be a part of this rare opportunity working in Papua.

Timika, 7 December 2013.

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