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Once upon a time I met a human that used to be my friend at the university. At that moment, I didn't understand why people don't like her. What I knew about her : friendly, a good friend, honest, capable, and a person whom I can trust.

As time goes by, I know her better, she is a person who never keep her words. There are always reasons for everything. She does it with innocent face and I have to accept her reasons. One by one her promises are never fulfilled. I tried to understand that perhaps she is just a so so friend and not a good friend to trust anymore.

Until one time I know she is lying and covering her lies, said different things to other people. Finally her mask is covered and now I know why people don't like her : she is a liar, opportunist, hypocrite, and trying to use other people as her benefits. She is very sly and you will never find out she is a liar until you find the truth by accident.

Her smartness to lie and her ability to be friends easily with other people then using it for her benefits - that makes me wondering is she a Psychopat? I read several articles about Psychopathy in newspaper around 2008 and I remember several traits probably she had. One thing about Psychopath you need to remember : Too Good to Be True. And that's her! 100% that's her before you know who she really is.

The silver lining about this : 
Never expect too much from other people.
Human is human and they are not your friends.

Here is a link if you want to check your tendency to psychopathy :

Jakarta, 3 Oktober 2013

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