Jakarta Today

Back to Jakarta, back into life and reality.

So what are new update for living in Jakarta?

  1. Motorcycle parking fare is Rp 2.000,- / hour. I shocked when I have to pay Rp 6.000,- for 2,5 hours in a department store. If it is not necessary I will avoid riding my motorcycle and prefer public transportation.
  2. I think Jakarta traffic jam is worse now than 2012. I rode my motorcycle not in a peak hour but the crowds are crazy! Now I can say traffic jam is happened everywhere and every time in Jakarta. 
  3. Tanah Abang market is maintained, and the street hawkers are moved. I amazed how our Jakarta Government could finally do something worth it peacefully without violence. This is something where we, people and Foke (previous Jakarta Governor) should learn from Jokowi. Jokowi and his team are the coolest and realist person I ever know. He is not only talking but also doing! A very rare to find in Indonesia governance.
  4. New television channel : Net Tv. This television channel gives that young, bright ambiance and offers many interesting programs where I find they are not so original. Ellen Degeneres Show is copied by Sara Sechan Show - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is copied by Tonight Show. People said there is nothing original but what's Net tv do? They copied everything (show format & studio design). Hopefully they have a license to copy the show first (but somehow I doubt about that).
  5. New feeder transjakarta bus is exist. This is a hub bus which connect suburb area to Jakarta. Before I left Jakarta this bus existence is only a concept. Today, we can see it is operated now. Good job Jokowi cs.
  6. V*cky / ex fiance of Dang Dut singer Zaskia Gotik case. For you foreigners who are living in Jakarta / Indonesia perhaps have no idea who V*cky is. So let me share you the story here : once upon a time there is a womanizer named V*cky. He was a fiance of Indonesia Dang Dut singer, Zaskia Gotik (read : Goyang itik or Duck dancing) and lied to her about many things (he said he has doctoral  degree from USA, single, wealthy, etc). After a huge celebration for the engagement, Zaskia found out about V*ky lies and canceled their engagement in a press conference. The story is on fire where many Dang Dut singers said had previous relationship with V*cky too. Moreover a video about V*cky statement using complicated and improper grammar in a television spreads nationally. What is it mean with improper grammar? For example when you use term "Instability with deflation" we have simple Bahasa Indonesia translation for that instead V*cky will use "Stabilisasi ekonomi = Economy stabilization" or "Labil ekonomi = Economy lability". Both sound so ridiculous and Indonesian people have new bully target and it's him. Poor V*cky! Good news after that, people realize to treasure Bahasa Indonesia and learn to use it properly now hahaha. Poor V*cky is prisoned in jail now because a scam accusation.
  7. Government officials recruitment. After 2 years, government official recruitment is opened now. Almost every ministry open recruitment for many positions & education background. For my major : library studies, we have 2 national government institution recruiters : Arsip Nasional / National Archives and Perpustakaan Nasional or National Library. If you are interested to apply a position here, to be a part of Indonesia government official it is now your opportunity. For me? Yeah, I will do it also.

So what is my activity now :

  1. Take my motorcycle to the workshop. It's broken after 8 months staying at home without no one use it. Poor Tangguh :(
  2. Go to the police office and ask for a lost personal identification letter. I have to take my new personal id card.
  3. Do a library project in a university in Jakarta for their accreditation preparation. Somehow I work like hell but underpaid. They offer me the new project after this library project ended but I learn my lesson. So sorry good bye.
  4. Looking for a new job (the one which I like and suitable with my qualification)
  5. Have a vacation to Puncak with family (swimming and visit Curug waterfall)
  6. Attend several family gathering since my grandmother was dead, there's inheritance problem etc
  7. Meet up with my old friends (so many meet up, pictures and stories to share, will write some later on)
  8. Write my travel experience (somehow it is stopped at the page 4, lol) and more pictures to upload in my facebook page
  9. Attend one or two job interview but it's me who lost interest after doing it. The first organization only need my help for temporary, the second organization can't fulfilled my expectation (lol, what a term). So I still looking for new opportunity to learn new things and do what I like.
  10. Keep running and swimming. Yihaaa... back into healthy life :D
Next post should discuss about Psychopathy since me and a friend have a very interesting discussion about this. Till we meet again at the next post :)

Jakarta, 16 September 2013


Alfi Ibrahim Yahya said...

In next 5 years , Jakarta transform to expensive city ,,, like Tokyo , Sing , London ,,, :- (

Friska Simanjuntak said...

Sure, I hope our government could see this opportunity and create something useful for people..