Tibet trip changes to China

Dear readers,

If you are following my blog perhaps you've read an announcement where I was looking for a companion to enter tibet on June-July 2013. At the end I found none!

Since I've bought all my flights ticket I changed my trip to China. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, at the end I traveled in China from 3 June - 27 July 2013. So many pressure before my departure time. My double enty visa was not issued yet and it was proceed in Jakarta (where I was at Surabaya at that time). So it's thrilling!

My visa issued on 27 May 2013, I got accepted for a free summer camp from Hunan Province, China for 10 days, would join a running competition in Xiwuqi, Inner Mongolia, and dream about a trip to Mongolia (where I planned to apply di Visa either in Shanghai or Beijing) and Langmusi, where Tibetan are living. So here I began my journey : I left Surabaya on 31 May 2013 night, stayed in Jakarta for a night, flying to KL on 2 July 2013, and departed for Cheng Du, China on 3 July 2013.

So many adventure and I am planning to write it in bahasa Indonesia through my traveling blog. Hopefully you could visit and read some with google translate. If you really get interested and get into about the story just send me an e-mail, I'll explain it to you :D

My traveling time in China is amazing! I met many good people helping me! FYI I can't speak Chinese so I am very lucky to experience such memorable journey. Traveling really makes you closer to the Mighty One and grateful for everything you got. You should try it! Arrange your own trip and itinerary spending minimum a week in your destination chilled out not in hurry. You can get interacted with the local people closer :D

Jakarta, 27 August 2013.

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