Another New Job - Record & Information Executive

Hello readers,

Have I told you I've moved to another job last December 2012? This time I'm working in my expertise : records management. More 'bonuses' for this job : I move to Surabaya city, kost for the first time in my life, would travel a lot throughout Indonesia, and salary raise up. Plus plus bonus: somehow I got bonus (literally it was a bonus) 1 full month salary in December 2012, hahahahaha. What a great gift for christmas and new year 2013.

I accepted this opportunity and left my just 2 months working contract in relocation services company at Jakarta. People said I'm crazy to left my permanent status since my working project in Surabaya is only for 6 months. I believe I have to take this opportunity since it would enrich my life. And yes, working here really enrich me.

I am working in well established company which have good working flow, system approval, and everything under control. I've been working in petroleum company before and they also have very good IT system but I worked as librarian at that time. So I was not really involved throughout the IT System. Here in my current company, I totally involved moreover I'm working in Information Services Department.

I supervised for our records warehouse in Pandaan, Malang for three months and prepared for RIM (Records and Information Management) training program, contacted our area offices in Jawa Tengah, Kalimantan, and Sumatera. There are only 2 persons traveling around Indonesia for this program, Ibu Ayu and me. FYI Ibu Ayu is a very cool person! She is quite old but her smartness, motivation, and passion for working is superb!! Moreover she is very nice and caring about others. Never met anyone like her, and I hope in my future time I could be someone that could do minimum as good as her. Respect to Ibu Ayu.

So, my area offices target are :
  1. Sampit (8-9 March 2013)
  2. Pontianak (3-4 April 2013)
  3. Muara Bungo (5-6 April 2013)
  4. Pangkal Pinang (8-9 April 2013)
  5. Surakarta (12-13 April 2013)
  6. Lahat (17-18 April 2013)
  7. Pati (26-27 April 2013)
  8. Bukit Tinggi (29 April - 1 May 2013)
  9. Batam (3-4 May 2013)
  10. Padang (5-8 May 2013)
10 area offices should be visited in 2 months. So could you imagine how is my life fly through from one airport to another airport? Sometimes I have to catch first flight, or have to continue the transportation from airport by road trip in hours to my area office destination, or sometimes there is no other hotel option where the best and only hotel is below three stars standard hotel.

Padang would be my last visit in next week. After that I have to follow up several things-result after the training given before my contract ended at 31 May 2013.

I am really grateful for this opportunity given by God and here my tips for you: sometimes you know what the best thing for you without listen to other person negative comments. My make your own decision whatever the result is, you are sincerely could accept it whether positive or negative. If it's a positive result you'll really grateful not regret to take the decision. If it's a negative result at least you would not blame it to others. We learn to be responsible and would use it as experience to face problem in the future.

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