Never lend money to your boss or ex-boss

I worked in a high-pressured tasks given and not suitable with it's take home pay before! But I stayed quite long because I like the job and the people ambience around. Moreover I have a love-hate relationship with my previous boss. In one way she is a fun boss, where you could karaoke around with her and laugh aloud together. The other side of her, that she is stingy and rigid with company regulation. Worked in that company, I only came home 'early' on time, at 6pm maybe only for 3 times (the first week when I was a new employee). After that, I always go home after 8, 9, 10, 11, pm or even 12 am :O My overtime fee was only Rp 40.000 / night when I worked overtime after 9pm. If I went home at 8.55 pm I wouldn't get any overtime fee.

Sometimes my boss bought us snacks if we were working overtime and she is very strict about who responsible about what. When one of our office boy had an accident, her first question would be who will responsible for medicine fee. I have predicted such question would asked by her. But I never think before that it is her true color. Her true color is she doesn't care about anyone else. I remember, I wanted to go resigned from office before my working contract ended and I had to pay penalty fee. Because I wanted to keep good relationship with this office, I paid it 3x my salary fee. I didn't have much money at that time and try to bargain with my boss. But she refused it and asked me to borrow money to other colleague in my new department instead offer her help. How come! I believe there is such a circumstance between colleague in working where we couldn't do such thing. The stupid thing is I forgot about what she's done to me and who the real her doesn't care about other people.

So our lesson here:
  1. Remember people couldn't change. When a person is such a jerk she/he would be a jerk forever. Don't get decieve with her/his friendliness
  2. Never lend money to your colleague at office (your current office/previously)
  3. Even when your colleague in her 'emergency' situation (based on her/his statement only that could be a lie), just give her/his the amount sincerely from your heart where is it okay for you not to ask the money return.

Surakarta, 12 April 2013.

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