Working Overload Overtime Overhell

Just in my previous post I've told you that I'm working fuck*ng hard in my recent office now.
Please look over to image attached beside :O

That is my overtime approval form for June 2012. My working hours from 6.00-18.00 but the fact, I'm still working after 18.00. This form is just made today, and you could see that in a week, how many hours I've spent at office. There are still 6 working days before cutting day at 25th.

Those are days when I was working in HR team. My office perhaps asking what the h*ll am I doing until this kind of late. So sorry but I have so much things to do and my boss keeps give so much works to do even nearby the end time of working. There is no way to escape and I also a person that hate to delay any task given. So here is the result.

I was tired and I hope I could get my me time for myself to take a rest, to socialize, even to have a spare time with my family. 

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