Fantasy Over Reality

Hi readers, how are you doin'? I'm doing pretty fine within my life and job nowadays-at least in the appearance.

Lately, because of tiring and a lot of responsibilites in office, I use all my weekend and free time at home for watching movies and Korea series. No more travel since I still come to office on saturday for recruitment. I'm looking for anything that can comfort me. Deep down inside I feel tired and I dissapoint of my office system. But I need to face a reality that this is life. Life is pain and to have a life, you need money. I just can't leave everything and enjoy my own time. That's the ugly truth I have.

As a good ending movie lovers, I enjoy my time watching a lot movies saved in my PC (unfortunately the pirated ones). The more I watching the movies the more I realize that fantasy is much more better than the reality itself. I keep asking what the h*ll I'm doing, living in this kind of life. Meanwhile fantasy offers something comfort me, keep me smiling, take care of my heartbreak about this full of pain world. You can say that it's kind of addicted. I need to watch them no matter what, from early morning until the next morning. Because they can make me happy, the can entertain me, I can feel the happiness and joy in life. They are my medicine.

A lot of things happened and I don't think it's appropriate to write in this blog where people can track me and my writings. But let me tell you one thing, that I feel dissapoint of something. It breaks my heart and I need something to console with. Let me alone and let me enjoy my own precious time for myself.

Good bye!

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