New Job New Challenge New Problems, eh?

I'm working now in different path of my education. As an administration staff, I have new challenge to be more details in everything, to memorize everything well, acurate in every task I'm doing. It needed high responsive and awarenees in my task and e-mail correspondence.

It's a high risky job for my organization growth. Because every correspondence, flight booking ticket, arrange meeting, even in approaching new candidate for some jobs available in our office are throughout me. The problem is my super big boss is not a royal person. He would reduce as much as he could in employee wages. The other problem is my HR Boss use her connection to approach new employee from her networking and very generous for them.

So, when I saw the lack of experience employee got higher salary offer bigger than me, do you know how I feel? I feel dissapoint! I'm work fuck*n hard, wake up at 6.30 am, go to office at 7.15 am, arrive at office far away from my house at 9.00 am, eat my lunch only for 30 minutes, back from office always above 8 pm, arrive at home very late, have no time for myself, my social life, and no more private time for me, even for reading or open facebook on PC at home. And I got salary 1,5 mio less than the lack of experience employee, not even reach his bachelor degree yet, and it seems he is not smart also, and lazy.

After my 3 months of probation, I'll ask for higher salary. If the management could NOT give it, there is no doubt after finish my working contract here I would leave! If your office couldn't value your job, and they seem close their eyes to see your professional work, and your fuck*n hard effort, just my two cents: GO AWAY FROM THAT H*LL as fast as you could.      

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