New Year New Life

This early 2012, I have a new job as a business administrator where the subject is very different with my major. Lets say that I have a new life a new path of career. I have to learn a lot, have to be patient dealing with different kind of people in my new office. My working time is from 9 am to 6 pm (and usually working overtime without payment) from Monday to Saturday.

A lot of people asking me, why I want to work in such crazy working hours? Will I regret?

If I think the salary amount only, I will regret. But it's not money I'm looking the most. I'm looking for new experience in new career except as a librarian. Honestly, I'm not stand to work only to do the cataloging all the day. I've done 7000 book input data in my previous work (exclude my internship in university) and I think that it is ENOUGH!

No more input data! I'm only working as librarian where my main job is not only cataloging data. Also because my office field in Tourism I think it will be a good base for me to work in other hospitality and tourism field.

So lets see what will happen throughout this 2012 year since my working contract will be ended at December 1st 2012.

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