Feliz Compleaños para Mi

Feliz Compleaños para Mi. Happy birthday. Today I become older ands should be more mature than before. So what's the lesson I've been learned for this year?

  1. I become more chill out for every matter. Even in any state of I don't give a shit about anything matters LOL
  2. Focus on my problems and say "adios" for the traitors. They will be staying in my blacklist name for many years *evil me*
  3. Learning to act more polite in office circumstance.Give more respects to other people.
  4. And in a way, still able to express my feeling especially anger and disapointment in elegant way
  5. Learning to love my family more. Blood is thicker than water though.
  6. Treasuring my lovely friends, and just deleting the traitors from my mind forever.
  7. Learning how to react against the playboys. Just realize there are so many playboys born in this world. So we should pick up very carefully which one the sincere man and the casanova.
  8. Less singing in karaoke, maybe less than 5 times karaoke this time
  9. Less wathing movie, but more buying CDs (broke up)!
  10. Bought some good books and still haven't read them all yet. Soon!
  11. Learning more to cook and somehow me and friends won a Korean food cooking competition lately
  12. Somehow, my trip itinerary this year was change totally but I could still figure it out. So, everything is ended happily.
  13. Considering to practice running as my regular sport every week
  14. Decide already that I HAVE TO GO to BUDAPEST!
  15. And still planning for more adventures and more traveling, show me more :D

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elena mitreva said...

chestit rojden den!!!OBICHAM TE MNOGO