Is just my luck? (or...)

In my life, I never believe in luck. I always believe that everything we received in life and opportunity is came from our efforts. So I have a big faith in "No pain No gain" proverbs :D

But how to explains some good things happen to me lately? Some coincidences happened to me. It's hard to believe any coincidences can be happened without a reason *sorry for my stubbornness :p Rather than think it as a X factor luck, I want to keep in mind perhaps that's only a gift from God -for who's trying hard *I'm sure I ever read the last italic words somewhere but I forgot. Or is me who made it? LOL :))

Anway do you want to know what are my luckiness lately?
  1. Right after my work contract on january finished, I got a call from a senior who offer a job in his place? WOW :O
  2. In the spare time between my graduation on February and contract signed-started working on March--I can manage time to travel Dieng-Semarang. Met some good friends and can manage to arrive in Jakarta cheaper (used economy train from Semarang, less than Rp 40.000), and safely.
  3. When my travel time was arrived on April, I can manage to ask permission one day from office for running! Accidentals, I found out my travel time and a running competition in Singapore was on the same date. So, why not take it both and ask permission from office for a running competition? LOL.
  4. When I confused how to take my race kit at Singapore-because I was not there yet, A moderator of my running club post the runners from Indonesia who will join at that Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2011 on our facebook page. Luckily there's an Indonesian who's living in SG, will join the same race, and didn't mind to take my race kit! Praise the Lord!!
  5. In the end of work contract, where I know the work chance to be extended only for 0,5 %... BAAM. The big boss our departement is going to be retired and he wanted us (library) to help him set up his private library. That means a job for me and my work contract is extended LOL.
  6. And how about my travel-after contract ended-plan? It's going well. Why? I was joing another running competition too in Manila HAHAHAHA. It's Rizal 150 fun run, and I had a marvelous time in Philippines with some new friends.
  7. Moreover coincidences are: I met a friend who went to Manila and back to Jakarta exactly at the same date, time, and flight LOL. He became my travelmate to Laoag-Bagui-Vigan-Manila. I also got to know more acquaintances from Jakarta to Manila later. LOL. HHAHAHAHA.
  8. Last coincidence, I and a junior in uni, both bought the same date, same time, same flight ticket to Manila (again) next year. We're still looking for opportunities/options where our journey will be continued. 
And hopefully another coincidences and 'luckiness' will come and help me pass through this struggle and full of effort life :D

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