Intolerable people

In college, I met a good friend where we share the same interests and opinions in common. We have a same level sense of humor, which is very rare to find. Over the time, after 6 years known each other I can feel that we are growing in a very different direction. I just realize that we have a very different point of view about life and how we act to face problems. My hunch said to be careful, there'll be a chance where we have a big argue in the future.

In this situation, at the past, definitely, I just left and played safe, decreased our communication intensity. If I won't do that, then there'll be a big argue between us, and the friendship was broken, even we grew into enemies each other. This is not a supertitious but a logical reasoning I face people whose personality is intolerateable (by my point of view).

So here is the list of intolerable character of people (by my point of view) :
  1. Snob, always delete it from my friendlist. I believe snobbish is people who ungrateful and not feel satisfied with their life but want to be seen perfect.
  2. Underestimate, think low about others. I believe that everyone have their own gifts and there's no one can underestimate others, judging by their education, career, family, and prosperity background. And I believe everyone want to be treated as human. 
  3. Humiliation, pick out someone's weakness over and over. Satirize about somebody in front of public or in private conversation. Only the cowards who've done that.
  4. Insincere, doing good things to other but have another purpose. Pretend to be a good friend, just want to take advantage of other people.
  5. Egoistic, only think about themselves, there's no initiative to help other people at all.
In the past, I realized a good friend of mine, Ms. K has 3 of these characteristics (snob, humiliation, and insincere). Before, I thought I can still learn to torelate that. But at the end, we were fighting and our friendship never comes as good as before. We've becomes acquaintance now. Now, I just realize my other friend, Ms. A has 3 of these characteristics (underestimate, humiliation, and egoistic). Couple of times, she's been decieved by outer appearance of people. Few times she's already satirize about me and my life. A lot of numbers she's been so egoistic where I want to explode but I hold myself.

I'm pretty worried because my hunch said to careful befriends with her. I'm worried that there will be a problem where we are fighting and our friendship never recover. I know I can't change people. So the choice is, Take It or Leave It. As simple as that.

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