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My first time running training was on 2009. I joined Nike Plus Human Race in Jakarta, October 18th, 2009. I came to their session in my campus, Faculty of Humanities Universitas Indonesia where Sigi Wimala is Nike ambassador. Why am I interested in running? Because it's EASY. You just need to use your running shoes, and that's it! Use your legs and feet, burning up some calories, and yeah you are running now :D

Here was my picture in Run Jakarta 5K 

After that, I join several running competitions in Jakarta and overseas (somehow I can manage it). Why am I joining running competition? By joining a run competition, I'll have high spirit to begin my running practice regularly. If I'm not into that run, I'll just stay at my routine activities, eating, working, sleeping, and traveling (though traveling burn out some calories too). By practice running regularly, I want to keep healthy, active, and have good 'savings' for my old age later LOL.

So, how to begin your run, as a very early beginner?
  1. Buy a comfortable running shoes - it doesn't have to be a nike plus or adidas whatever. Just buy a comfort ones, the cheap one. That's all right as long as it's a running shoes. Why a running shoes not some other kind of shoes? Because a running shoes is designed for running and footbal shoes is designed for football LOL. They have different specifications.
  2. Train to walk fast first. For the very early beginner never push yourself too hard. You should make running as a fun activity. Just walk fast for 5-10 minutes for the first days.
  3. Train to run for a very short time and keep the pace relax. After a good warming up, run just for 10-15 minutes. Keep it relax, no pressure.
  4. Try those training for a whole month, and gradually you can add more time and more distance for your running.
I'm a beginner runner also and I still need a lot to motivation for pushing myself practice. Practice makes perfect. After gradually practice, for 1 km, you will feel it's not enough. You will add more distance. After 5km, you will feel it's not enough too. You'll add more.. and so on..

That's how you'll improve your distance, time running, and pace. But it needs time, so don't be very hurry. Just enjoy your running and feel the joy in every race. The distance will never be a big problem.

FYI my longest distance for running is only for 10 km. So, it's still a long and winding road to practice for a marathon.

Keep practice, dude :) 

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