My 29 Gifts

I had attended one of the most famous talk show in Indonesia, called as Kick Andy. As usual, Andy F. Noya, the host gives each audience one new published book in Indonesia. At that time, the book I got was 29 Gifts keajaiban memberi 29 hari yang mengubah hidup untuk selamanya or the title in English is: 29 Gifts How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life.

The book told us about the writer life, Cami Walker has sclerosis multiple and it affected her life after 4 months marriage. From hopeless life she changes it into a miraculous one and gives joy not only for her but also for people around her. Even she and a lot more people make a community about 29 gifts and the reader was invited to join it also in Reading the book, motivates us to do the same do good deeds in 29 days running continued. I had done it 2 months before but it was not finished. So, I'll begin it from my day 1.

Nov 29th
I was riding my motorcycle and passed an interchange. I saw an old man was pulling a huge cart contains trashes. I stopped in a store nearby, bought one mineral bottle and a bottle of energy drink. I gave them to him. He looked so tired working so hard on the road in the middle of day noon. Hopefully the drink will help him
Nov 30th
One of the clerk in office sells some snacks made by herself. The taste is standard but I still buy it, thought that I'll eat it sometime. Forgot that I had a cough that time. Than kept it for myself, I gave it to one of my colleagues who is a little greedy lol.
December 1st
I had lunch with one of junior in our cafeteria nearby. She didn't have any cash so that she was looking for an ATM. The ATM was not working well and she couldn't take cash money. She asked me to lend her money for lunch. Instead lending her money, I think it's better to treat her lunch.
December 2nd
Remembered at that night that I hadn't made any good deeds that day. I was looking for a way to make a good deed that night. So that, in late at the night, tired after work, riding motorcycle, I went outside the house, bought dinner for people at home. Also I took money from ATM for my mom's. She asked me to take money for our monthly expenses.
December 3rd
I bought a quite big bread for breakfast and had 2 pieces left on my work table. One of the clerk took her spare time in the library and saw my bread. I offered my bread and happily she ate it. On my way home, I forgot to make a good deed and then wondering. Is it count as a good deed either? lol

to be continued..

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