Why am I writing this blog?

You can say it, whine, complain, grief, burden, or just want to share anything to anyone, we need an urge to drain it off immediately. For me, it's harder to be honest to yourself than to other people. It's the hardest to face the reality and be blunt honestly about it. As for me, in my 'real' life (I won't say this is the fake one, it's just have a different terms phase) I'm almost honest about anything, what's in my mind, how's my opinion about something, or just to tell or shown it to somebody whether I like someone or not. In other people's thinking I am an extroverted person. I won't said it's totally wrong because in fact I love to meet people and have chit chat a lot.

The condition will be change in contrast for me when it's time for me have to share about my family background. I won't say that I hate my family so much. But there's one or two things (or may be a lot more things) I think other people don't need to know. Too bad here in Indonesia, your business also become ours. Who you are, what do you do for living, how is your family background, etc becomes almost everybody curiosity.  Not only asking but people keep also remember it and will ask it again in the next occasion. "hey how's is your mom? your ..."  It becomes habitual in Indonesia, keep used to it. In this kind of sh*t I'll turn into introverted mode on.

So why am I keep writing a blog which talk about my deeper inside of thought (but still I didn't tell a lot about my family ya)? I need a refreshment, I need somewhere someplace I can talk anything on my mind without being judged. I do have friends but I think I'm not capable to tell my every story to my friend. Seriously they could be fainted to hear one by one of my babbles. So that's why even though I'm not writing frequently but I do still love this blog. Purposely I write it in English so that my Indonesia fellow will feel lazy to read it on. But I will be felt really appreciated if any Indonesia fellow read my blog and can use their sense. Also, I've deleted this blog link from my facebook page. I've removed it because once I made a kind of 'dangerous' post for common people to read on this blog. Maybe someday I'll put it again after I've brave enough to be read on.

Strangely, it's much more comfortable to get criticized by a stranger than our own friends and relatives.


not so 'stranger', am i? ;p said...

gw indonesian tp ngga males kok baca postingan bhs inggris lo fris. mau izin komen panjang ya, hehe.

toss dulu dong ah. gw jg sama. bikin blog lbh ke sarana katarsisan. tp yg namanya dunia maya mah 'privately public, publicly private'. jd mutusin buat bikin blog brarti hrs udh siap sm resiko dbaca org (kecuali di protect)

soal per blog an ini gw bikin teori super ngasal: semakin 'personal' tulisannya, semakin org tertarik. semakin org tertarik, semakin org pngen kenal kita. semakin org pngen kenal kita, semakin penasaran. nah, kepenasaran itu membuahkan interaksi. semakin sering berinteraksi dan terlibat perbincangan yg dalam, org semakin paham.

entah ini berlaku ke semua hal ato ngga, tp seenggaknya, dg adanya blog, org jd ngga 'early judge' lah. klo org sampe ngeluangin waktu buat baca blog kita (apalagi sampe komen) brarti org itu at least udh sampe tahap penasaran (kaya gw sekarang, hehe). jadi blog itu kaya awal dr 'self disclosure'

ngg.. kesimpulannya apa ya? (bingung sendiri, hahaha) intinya, cm pngen bilang: keep writing. it's the best expression (i think) for letting people know about ourself without telling them.

tentang reaksi, yah, kita punya hak buat nulis, org punya hak buat baca (dan berasumsi). dan pngen komen dikit, bole kan? (dikit?!): you're blog is so 'readable'

Friska Simanjuntak said...

hahahahaha not so stranger. makasih yah udah mau baca ini blog udah ngalor ngidul juga wkwkwkwkwk

iyak, gw belom berani publish lagi nih. rada serem lol. kapan-kapan aja ah :)))

btw blog lo gak seabstrak itu kok dell. cukup menghibur karena isinya 'gak biasa'. maree kita terus menulis yakk