Happy Birthday to Me

Happy birthday to me. Another path of my life have passed. I'm 23 years old right now. It's far enough from being a teenager anymore. But also not old enough to be called as a mature. I'm not a girl not yet a women-Britney Spears said. Good thing to have a birthday in the last time of the year is, I can make an evaluation about my life and think deeply about occasions that happen a long the year. Of course lot of things happen this year. And I could say that 2010 is one of my best time ever.

I learn more about my own character, lesson in life, and new experiences also new friends and surroundings. In ordinary point of view, other can say, my life is not running well and there are some obstacles around. In beginning I'm wondering also, there's 'not-good' things happen in my life. But like I said in the first sentence, it's just an ordinary point of view. It's just me, the ordinary human wasn't understand anything about God's plan. Actually God is awesome, God's plan is marvelous, it's just me who don't understand.

Now, when I did a little flash back, those are good things for me. Those brought me to another journey, grew to develop to be a better person. Made me able to feel more new experiences. Without my past there will no current me now. I'm growing by all the incident whether it looks like good or not. Maybe you have already read my past post in these year, how's my life up and down and the pressure I had before.

It's still a long journey for myself. Not only to be a better person but also to reach my dreams. Also I hope I can help the poor people to develop a better life even though by the smallest action I can pursue. I realize that  life is not about only myself. How pitiful if I think that this world is that shallow.

Life is broad, there's a reason why I was born in this earth. I have mission and the mission is not only to have a good education, get a good career, have a wealthy life, married, have children, have grandchildren, and died peacefully. There should be something more than that and I'm still looking for it. Like I said before, it's still a long journey, and quote from The Beatles-It's a long and winding road.

Wish me always the best. Cheers :D

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