What is the meaning of a relationship?

Okay. Our today topic is about relationship. Just few minutes ago, I heard  a story about  my friend's friend relationship. Do you get it? hihihi. Anyway, she told me that Ms. K is very in love with her boy friend now. It's a coincidence that I knew her boy friend and my intuition said that he is not good enough for her lol hahaha I think I can be an oracle soon :P. Once upon a time, I've seen him easily got angry only for a non sense problem, a little problem that I think it's better or can be solved without angry or curses. Then my friend said, that Ms. K actually is feared by her own boyfriend, even her ex and her boyfriend were got insulted and were going to have a fight. Thanks God it didn't happen.

But still it makes me wondering, how come a relationship makes you freaking out? Relationship should makes you comfort, to be you are, accepted the way you are and your mate both (hihihihi just remember Mark Darcy quotation in Bridget Jones Diary). My logical think plus intuition say that it's just the matter of time before Ms. K boy friend does violence to her. Since he can't manage her anger in little problem, so what will be happened if he faced bigger problem?

I hope for you girls who are in love, just try to be more logical, thinking that relationship is not only about love. But also about truthfulness, to be the way you are, and of course about respectfulness.

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