Stressful at the moment

Everyone have their own problems. Like Indrawan Tjin said "the problem is yours". So do I. I have a pretty big problem related to time and money. More stressful I am,  more ignorant I become. I'm dizzy and even can't think and don't know whom I can shared this burned with. Too many problems in once.

Also like the old man said "you can't choose who your parents and family are". Nothing you can do about it. Every time I think about it, I just want to close my eyes and my ears, don't want to hear and see anything about it. I want to run, go out from this damned circle and cage. I find my happiness and freedom outside the house and don't want to think about it anymore. But every time I come home, the pressure and the problems again show up. I don't want to cry, I don't want to grumble much about this. I just want to go out, find my freedom and finish my problems. It just counting days on until the deadline.

Sometimes I think that death is the most easy way to run away from all those problems. But I don't want to suicide. I want to die naturally. So, in the past, I remember my pray to God, If it's His will, I'm not hesitate to die immediately. I know that life means suffer and pain vice versa with the happiness itself. Then, it's your own choice. It's all your point view, how you can see the world is. Yeah I know world and life is all happiness, life as human, can enjoy every moment of life and beautifulness but also life has problems. And the problems ******!!

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