No More Tears

This morning I had chat with a good friend of mine. Didn't know how, but our conversation became deeper into physiological things. He said that tears are needed for anyone who already passed crisis time, where somebody release and solve their problems. Tears are a must and no way you can solve your 'heart of problem' without tears.

I said to him that I hate cry and tears, and I don't want to cry and ruin my 'happiness', mood, and my life 'stability'. But he said, if I do that, my problems will be accumulated. But I think it's okay. Because I'm not ready yet to face the problems all at once. I don't want to have a bad mood, become sad, unhappy, and cry for my problems. I'm pretty comfortable with my condition right now. By the end of conversation, I just asked him to be there for me, if that time, my confession time is came.

Just tonight, I come home little bit late and there's something incident that makes me pretty shock. Totally I think there's no use. I give up!! It's enough. It has to be ended. My patience is over. I will keep silent, no comment, and never to use my heart to anything happened in the future. I will use my flat emotion and never think anything about them. And of course there will be no tears for them.

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