Live for a Moment

Truly, I'm a live for a moment person. Maybe you are wandering, what the hel* it does mean? For me, it means hard for me to make a long term plan. I do have wanderlust and courage to do something new and different. But the problem is always the time. I can decide, yes just make it next month around 17th. But, practically I'll busy prepare anything on 16th or early on 17th. My mind and concentration on those date, will be fulfilled only by that activity on my plan. I can't think about other thing.

This week, I've made 3 promises, those all need me to meet the people whom I promised at.. First of all, I promised to meet Ms. A. Because she's not able to meet me on Monday night so that I cancelled. But seem I forget to tell her because I was busy this whole Monday fulfilled another promise. I totally forgot to confirm again that I can't meet her at her home tonight. I hope she is okay and can take the interpretation from my last message :(

Then, my second promise, is to Ms. N. She asked me to accompany her to some visa and letters stuff. It's for her study abroad. I've fulfilled my promise today, and seem I had to accompany her on Wednesday.

The last promise to person this week is to Mr. A. He asked my help to evaluate his presentation. He was my friend in high school. He offered me his product and kind of multi level marketing at first. But, I told him I don't want to join any kind of multi level marketing. He gave up then asked me to evaluate his presentation. I don't know what is his true motive. I've told him my decision and he still asked for my help. I think as a friend I should help him. So that I agreed to meet him, in a library. But still can't decide what date is the meeting. Then I asked him to call me again on Wednesday or Thursday. Because he was calling me on last Sunday, where I was hectic for preparation in Monday activity. So I can't give my words to him. Anyway, maybe I can combine the appointment with Ms. N and Mr A together. Ms. N in the morning and Mr. A at the afternoon.

The moral stories are:
  1. Please, if it's not very important, and you think you can ask other people help, don't ask help from me. Sounds pretty selfish but this is for my own good. I can't stand to see my friends in problems. And if you asked anything where I can help you, definitely, I'll help you!! It becomes burden for me if I can't help you and also it will force me to make a promise. And yeah, I always hold my promises :(
  2. If you want to make an appointment with me, please be patient. Don't be tired to remind me. Because I'm pretty forgetful and my mind can be out of focus sometimes when I am busy. Better to remind me again, a day before the appointment or at the early at the appointment held.
  3. I'm a kind of datelined person. I will move when the time is near. Just remind me about the limited time and all buzz I'll got if I delay anything.
This is me, and my mind. I think this is me and I'm pretty comfortable at. Even though, live for a moment can make me exhausted too. When I'm busy and my mind come for it 100%, I'll work hard at it and will forget other thing. Such as promises I made in the same day, eat, take a bath, do brush teeth, check on my hand phone, pick up the phone, read short messaging service, etc. After the exhausted days, I will be unconscious want to have fun or take a rest :D


fidella anandhita savitri said...

ih sama banget deh fris! gw juga tipe manusia hidup-untuk-hari-ini banget, haha..

jadi inget, gw pernah ngalamin suatu kasus. trus waktu itu temen gw nanya "del, jadi mau lo ntar gmana?" gw cuma bisa jawab "gw gatau gmana ntar, klo sekarang gw maunya gini"

dan klo mnurut gw, 'bsok' itu bakal jadi 'hari ini' juga kok, jadi ngga masalah kan jadi manusia-hari-ini? selama yang 'hari ini' yg 'sekarang' bener2 dijalanin sebaik-baiknya, ya toh?

dan keuntungan jadi manusia-hari-ini tuh jadi ngga bakalan nyesel sama masa lalu. toh udah kejadian kan? karna 'kmaren' itulah maka ada 'hari ini'. coba klo gada 'kmaren', ngga bakalan deh ada 'hari ini'. ya kan? klo nyesel, berarti ngejalanin 'hari ini' yg 'kmaren' nya ngga maksimal. trus yauda benerin deh tuh 'hari ini' yg 'sekarang', mumpung ada kesempatan (halah ribet deh ih)

dan sepertinya komen gw oot dan panjang lebar ya? ahahaha, biarin deh!

Friska Simanjuntak said...

walaupun panjang gak pa-pa dell. Gw baca semua walaupun gak gitu ngerti LOL!! :P

Bagus deh, gw kira itu sifat yang aneh. ternyata ada juga orang lain yang begitu. Jadi SENANG :D

bener-bener.. apa lagi klo ketemu buat janjian, susah ya klo masih jauh-jauh hari. Yang abalnya, klo gw lagi sibuk itu, yang lain gak keliatan deh. Gw gak bisa konsentrasi sama yang lain. Susyeh :(

della said...

nggg.. kayanya beneran beda topik deh, wakakak (tapi satu tema sih)

iya, gw juga gtu, suka amnesia, ahaha. klo ngga diingetin pasti suka lupa janji2 karna emg g pernah bikin rencana (susahnya jd manusia-hari-ini) LOL