Grateful for Your Life

Everybody has own problems. Maybe you'll think you have the worst problems than others. Sometimes, you will think like that, and maybe you are right. Your problems are worse from other person. But, you are not alone. Many people have even worse problems than yours. You just have to open your eyes and your heart and you will realize. Even though you are suffering you still have some good points in your life.

Recently I have a chat with a good friend of mine. I don't tell him anything about my problems whom I think is the worst problem from all over my life. But hear his story about his friend, make me wonder. That his friend even has a very dangerous situation where common people can't help her. Actually my problem can be solved if I'm not shy to ask other people help. But her problem is worse. Nobody can help her, because that's not a problem where we, common people can help her. Too bad for her. Even though I don't know her but I feel sorry for her. I hope she will get the best and God will always protect her.

I'm now can think clearly and I think I can do it and solve my problems if I'm brave enough for asking help. I always think when I ask for people help, I usually get disappointed. That's why asking for help is not my habit. But I should move on. Make a real step or my problems will never solved!!


della said...

wow, me too! (high five) feel like having the worst problem in the world. listen to a story, and suddenly think "i'm not the only one with problems. well, actually, my problem is not that big. it's just me that keep it myself, never think of a help, and that make it become bigger... just in my mind" haha, what a coincidence! (high five again)

Friska Simanjuntak said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA kebetulan banget yah dell. Iya nih, gw pusing banget belakangan ini. Pas gw denger cerita tentang orang lain, set dah jauh lebih parah daripada gw. Makanya gw pikir ternyata permasalahan gw masih bisalah diselesaikan sebenarnya tinggal butuh nyali gw aja. Iya, terkadang butuh juga minta tolong sama orang lain. Biar gak pusing sendiri :D