Any Boyfriend?

Okay friends, let me introduce my lovely boyfriend, Mayong hihihihihi.

It's just kidding HAHAHHAHAHAHA :D Mayong Suryolaksono is a journalist and was a movie review show (Cinema Cinema) host for years when I was a child. Not only handsome but he also smart, interesting, expressive, and critical. His work as a tv host with Ira Wibowo always make me amazed about what movie will be reviewed that day. The show makes me love movies until now. It's been years after the show ended. And there's no more any movie review show in Indonesia tv. I think I will never meet Mayong faces anymore on tv screen. Lucky me, I met him, even met him face to face in a book launching at a bookstore in Plasa Senayan, Jakarta.

My purpose that day was to meet Marina Kusumawardhani the writer 'Keliling Eropa 6 bulan dengan 1000 dolar" or in english, you can translate it as "6 Months around the Eroupe by US$1000". This book is a kind of bible for us, the low budgeted traveler. You MUST read it!! Marina was writing another travel books, named "Jingga" (in english means "Orange" (color)). And I attended the book launching couple days ago with friends. Jingga told us about Marina journey to India and Thailand when she was looking for the 'heaven'. Uniquely, Jingga was written before the "6 Months around the Europe by US$1000" book. So, it should be very interesting to read her first masterpiece. Marina writing is special. She is not write a totally guidance travel book, how to reach there and how much the budget detailed. Her specialties, are her cultural experiences and tips. So that the readers are not only know the beautiful spot but also the story about the place and how the current condition in that place. And seems Jingga even much better. Jingga gives explanation about Marina views of life and she dedicates Jingga for her friend who already passed away. I want to read more the book. FYI, Marina lives in Austria now, in her Magister education and already married. She comes to Indonesia only for couple times. This time she comes because of her book launching. So, we can say, it's such a rare chance to meet her personally and talk with her in Indonesia.

Anyway, Wimar Witoelar (WW) also attended Jingga book launching and gave fresh and humorist situation. Couldn't stop smile to hear his jokes. Also there's Mayong hihihii. I pretty shock when I saw Mayong. Because in the invitation, I didn't pay attention for who will be in Jingga book launching, expect Marina hahaha. So, in the minute I saw him, just like an old crush, my mouth was grinning widely LOL!! Mayong has a fresh appearance, and his way of talking and face the audiences for me, was very peacefully, and he is SO MUCH BETTER than on tv. HAHAHHHAHA. Very very lucky me :D

There the story goes... about boyfriend, or you can call it, my future boyfriend I'll tell you in next writing ya :) But at this time I want to smile, grin, and smirk remember the day I met Mayong LOL :D

PS. the pictures are taken by my friend, Safrini Malahayati

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