Must have karaoke song list

Me and friends had a great time in karaoke. I think, sing in karaoke is different from sing for yourself. I should choose a happy and jolly songs that will entertain everybody and good to sing. If it's possible, choose the weird lyric and funny melody from the songs. You can say, in the term in Indonesia, as "norak" or "alay" HAHAHA.

Okay here is the list (you can suggest other songs too)
1. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (SRK)
2. Koi Mil Gaya (SRK)
3. Where is the Love (BEP)
4. Mencari alasan (Exist)
5. Oh baby (Cinta Laura)
6. Sadis (Afghan)
7. KB - Juminten
8. I can love you like that
9. Separuh jiwaku pergi (Anang) mm typical mellow nih lagunya
10. Qing Fe Te yi (OST Meteor Garden)
11. Bangun Tidur (Mbah Surip)
12. Trio Macan SMS (WUAKAKKA)
13. Bete (Manis Manja Group)
14. Mau dibawa ke mana (Armada)
15. Gregetan (Sherina)
16. Janji Hati (Paramita Rusady)
17. Takdir (Desy Ratnasari)
18. Tenda Biru (Desy Ratnasari)
19. Flying without wings
20. Menghujam jantungku (Tompi)
22. As long as you love me (BSB)
23. Make it mine (Jason Mraz)
24. Jagoan (sherina)
25. Can't stop me now (Queen)
26. Picture of me (Boyzone)
27. Pilihlah aku (Krisdayanti)
28. Irreplaceable (beyonce)
29. Touch my body (Mariah Carey)
30. Sway (michael buble)
31. Haven't met you yet (michael buble)
32. I just call to say I love you (Stevie Wonder)
33. Butterfly (Jason Mraz)
34. Hard days night (The Beatles)
35. Dancing queen (ABBA)
36. Don't say you love me (M2M)
37. Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden)
38. Toxic (britney spears)
39. Livin on a prayer (bon jovi)
40. ...

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