Lose My Heart

Recently, I has some problems. It breaks my heart, where I have no one to trust.
I am already in the top of my patience limit. It's enough!! Enough is enough. But from that time, because of my disappointed, I can feel there's something wrong with me mentally.

I can't feel. I lose my heart. I can feel that I become a cruel person, with no mercy, can't believe on anybody. I'm become more cynical right now. I think that's worse than being a sarcastic person (that's what I was before). I'm become apathy, close my eyes, my ears, and my heart for other. Also don't want to be bothered with other problems.

I can feel it's not right. But at this time I can't help it. My hurt is killing. I need to heal, and I think maybe my apathy is the healing.  Even I can't drop tears right now. I'm losing my heart.

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