I was a bullying victim when I was in elementary school. The story began when I moved to other city, from Jakarta Selatan to Jakarta Timur area. I moved to a public school in 3rd grade. Even in my first day, I was bullied there. Mostly it was the boys who bullied me. In my first day there, they were hiding my ruler. I didn't like it. I was asking everybody where my ruler was but they were pretending didn't know. Even the girls also.
I mad at them and began crying. The worst thing was, my teacher didn't realize their bullying instead punished me to stand up in front of the class for crying.

From my first day at school, I hate them. I prevented myself then, to argue to the boys even fighting for them, if they were bullying me again. Unfortunately, the bullying didn't stop, it still happened until I was in Junior School. Seemed every boys in that public school where my primary school friends were there also, kept bullying me.
Still I was fighting alone for my own peace!! Nobody can help me. I really hate them. And until now, I hate those village people and village minded there!!! Kampungan!!! I remembered, I didn't have many friends. But still had a few good friends. I hated the boys, I hated the girls who tried to be "GAOL"!! And you know what happened to them right now, mostly that "GAOL" married already because of their pregnancy.

I decided to moved out from that village area school. I wanted to continue my High School really far away where my elementary school and junior high school friends couldn't be there. So, I decided to entered a good High School, in Cibubur area. Thanks God, I was entering my High School alone, without anybody from my elementary and junior high school students. And yeahh, I got my freedommm. That was the best years I ever had, where I could be myself, without anyone bullied at me. I met some good friends, seemed everybody in high school was my friends HAHAHA. Truly deeply from my heart I was grateful for God opening up my eyes, made me saw the opportunity to continue high school there :D

I love my friends there, I enjoyed school there, I had a great teenage time, life freely as me, Love them all.
Goodbye to my elementary school friends, at this time I still couldn't forgive you. But who knows what will be happened in the future. Maybe someday I can forgive and be friends with you in the future. But at this time, still I had the pain left in my heart. So, for these and more years I will not attend the elementary school reunion. Okay?

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