Watch Kenny "Babyface" Edmons in Java Jazz Festival 2010

Yep, finally I watched Babyface special show in Java Jazz, March 7th 2010. The show was scheduled on 8.15 pm but I was already on the queque at 6.30 pm hahahaha! Thanks God that me and my friends were in the head of the queque. Yup, three of us were on the head of the queque. We wanted to have the front row!! Feeling pretty comfortable because we can directly ask the comitte a lot about the time when we can enter the venue.

Maybe, on about 8pm, all people that have already waited for 2 hours, was disturbed by our, vice president arrival (and his family members). Budiono and family made us, who already waited for 2 hours pretty mad. Because, Budiono brought a lot of family members who came to the venue without queque at all!! Huh.. such a nepotism :( And too bad, because there was a vice president of Indonesia in the venue, A2 Hall, there was a complicated checking door (the small one) and bag checking, for all us, all the people crowd before came in to the venue.

Can you imagine how messsed up the situation last night? Finally we came in, but I think the comitte was not prepared enough, because there were people from last show (Griffith Frank general show) in the A2 Hall. Huhh.... The worst thing was the lack communication between the comitee and the security. The comitte told us, to got inside, so I ran (yep, i RAN) into the venue, looked for the first row. But one of the security tried to catch me, maybe he was panicked why I was running, and he asked me to show my ticket (again). I told him "I have already got the ticket checking, and a lot of people still come in to the venue. So, where's the problem?" And then bravely, I just ran pass him. And yeah!!! I got the second row on the show.. Yipee

We waited for some minutes, waited for the sound system check, then singing our national anthem, Indonesia Raya, and yeahhhhh!!! There were Babyface and his band!!!! Wooooooooooo!!!!!
He came out and sung, and asked us, all the audience to sing a long!!! Wow!! What a performance!! And the fascinating thing was, Babyface is so attractive, he told us a lot of stories, about his lovers from kindergarten (hahahahaha!), his plan to undercover by phone as his teacher to ask a interview with the Jackson Five, his friendship with Michael Jackson ('I love you' with MJ tone,), and his deepest feeling lost friend like MJ. So he made a beautiful arrangement singing last night, by his stories, some of his songs last night were : Everytime I Close My Eyes, Fire, I'll Make Love to You, End of The Road, Wonderful Tonight, Change the World, Gone To Soon, How Come How Long, When Can I See You Again (it's a very very flirtatious song, sung by Babyface ... :D)

We love you Babyface! What a great performance... I'll wait for you greatest hits compilation CD hihihihi
Thanks for Babyface and the great band (what a huge a powerful drummer you are, man).. Thanks also for all the comitte, I hope you can do better in the future, and for our president and vice president, do read : please don't come to our show, you guys only watch the show for 10-20 minutes, but you make all the crowd people worse. Please do your job as government and watch Java Jazz maybe in other time, after you finished your works as president and vice president. Okay?

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