Respect Me Please

Okay, today’s topic is about respect.  What’s about respect? So the story goes...
Somebody forced me to do something in his own (tirane). So sorry, nobody can force me to do anything I don’t like. Logic thinking already came into my head HAHAHA. Except you can convince me to do that thing you want me to, that’s good and logic, you can’t push me :)

HAHAHA Like what’s happened today, somebody pushed or forced me to do something I don’t like even criticize me why I can’t (appreciate) him. Who the hell are you?? Do you realize why my behavior is never (appreciate) you?? That’s because you never (appreciate) me too. Why do you expect me to do something you not do either?? Are you nuts? Your life is so naive if you are thinking that’s people have to respect you only because your age, in your seventies years old.  Ha? Respect is not come by itself. Respect comes from you first. You have to respect others and others will respect you.  Respect is not come only because of your age. Even though you are older from others but if you can’t behave, nobody will respect you! Please behave, respect others, and others will respect you.

You tried to convince me that I’m impolite but it doesn’t work pal. Sorry to say, nobody can make me feel guilty expect myself want me to. Maybe it sounds pretty selfish. But logically (of course), it’s yourself decision whether you are feeling do something wrong or not, then feeling guilty. So your strategy is not work for me. HAHA!

I think that everybody is in same position, in the same right to tell his/her feeling, to express him/her for a good way (of course). And NOTHING, i said again NOTHING can border us to said what’s right and to defend our right as a free man/woman. Forget the religion, culture, society thinking, and others opinion as a bad border. I don’t say that those are not important.  Those are important also but sometimes people can make those to be a bad border.

First, the religion interpretation by people is different each other or between one religion to another. Who know the truth about what God wants? No people, except the holy bible! And people sometimes force others to follow their own interpretation, the worst makes others religion seems bad. It’s so sad. But really, sometimes it’s happened in Indonesia. That’s what I mean that people can use religion as a bad border. Second, the culture can be a bad border. Indonesian culture (mostly) ask young person to (appreciate) the elders. These make elders want to be served by younger’s. But this could be bad, if the elders’ then force younger’s to do something.  Force without discussion, force only to satisfied the elders without hear what’s in younger’s mind. Third is about the society thinking and others opinion. SHIT!! This is the part where I hate the most. In Indonesia, your problem becomes others problem. That’s mean your problem is my problem too and it will spread in your community and friends. Not only be spread, it also be discussed, then people do judgment without you know, without even told you. HA!

So in my opinion, if you think those things become a bad border for you, to say what’s right and banned your right as a free man/woman then stop worrying!! Forget those bad borders!! Tell people what’s on your mind. And when you see something is not right, just talk. It needs courage to do. That’s okay. I’m still keep learning to say my opinion in more polite way also: D.

And for you who want others’ respect please behave and respect others first. Okay?!

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