My Pimples were Spreading

HAHAHA!! What unusual writing title right? This writing is inspired by my friend status in her facebook. She said "pimple is in my chin". HAHAHAHA. Okay, here the story goes...

I never use make up in entire life (before). You can count how many times I use make up in my life. I think I only use make up twice, on my photo session in high school memorial book and in theater performance at my college. So that's why I think I don't need to use any cosmetics or liquid to clean my face. So, until I am in my last term in college right now, I never use any stuff like that and still don't have many pimples. Maybe only one or two pimples when I was in my period. It does never be a problem, until now!!

I don't know why (sounds like Norah Jones' song, right?) but my pimples suddenly came out on my forehead and my cheek. My face now looks like a teenager whose have pimples trouble!!
At last, after consultation with my friend, I decided to use a cleansing liquid and just realized there are so many choices, types, cleansing stage, and brands. GOD!! Help me!! Because I'm so dizzy which one I have to choose, I choose body shop. I think use body shop will be okay. The promotion said it's made from nature and free animal testing. I tried it and guess what?? My pimples were growing.. yikess
Even my friend, thought maybe I was dirty and untidy since I am riding motorcycle, and that was growing my pimples. But I have used motorcycle for years and there is no pimples problem before. Usually it's enough only to wash my face with water. What's wrong then??

I stop to use that stupid body shop, too bad body shop don't have any capable clerk or such a good skin doctor in its store. You know, you shouldn't believe the clerk advice because they are not skin doctor. :( After did some consultation to my friends (again), they suggested me to visit a skin doctor. So, I went to skin doctor on February. The doctor said maybe the pimples came from my stressful activities, and she gave me the prescription.

Umm... maybe the doctor is right. Since my thesis becomes trouble and keep makes my mind stressful, my period also comes unregullary. She's probably right. Thanks doc! I already used the medicine since the middle of february and tried to reduce my stressful mind away. I hope those pimples can be reduced, perhaps I can become a pimple free girl forever hihihi.

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